Sex Date nach Plan: Erfahrungsbericht eines sexuell aktiven Paars

Slow World, Slow Sex (1) - A field report

Isabel and Tom write about their open relationship on their blog offenerzweier. In a sex experiment, they have themOH MY! FANTASY Date Box Slow Sextested! They describe here in a very personal, intimate and open way how they have the experiencethe couple fantasyhave experienced slow sex. The following text is written from Isabel's perspective, you will find Tom's texthere.

Slow Sex Erfahrungsbericht

You and I blog about our open relationship. I love to be creative in every way - writing texts, drawing but also behind the camera.By coincidence, at the end of last year, I got the chance to work for OH MY! FANTASY to create an erotic fantasy.With a lot of passion I wrote down whatever came to my mind on the agreed topic and I painted it with a lot of love.

Only marginally did I concern myself with who the target group of this fantasy might be. You and I are and have been quite sexually active. We are not unfamiliar with the practices that can be learned with the help of instructions and suitable accessories. I loved the idea of these individual fantasies.You and I probably don't belong in the target group, finally isAnalsexone of our favorite practices, a little pain of pleasure a welcome guest and slow-paced sex a well-known pleasure.But who is actually interested inFantasien? Are they couples who want to get out even more? Is it men looking for new practices? Or is it women exploring their own lust?

Slow Sex Ohrknabbern
Or can the imagination out of the box also independent of sexual experience,especially in times when it's hard to be a couple,serve as an impetus? Can a planned "date night" reinforce that "I want you" feeling that sometimes hides under baby diapers, work stress, and other everyday monsters?
We are currently in a time when the outside world with its colorful attractions seems to stand still. Life in your own four walls, on the other hand, has picked up speed for many. In addition to homeschooling and home care, the workplace is now right next to the bed. Coming home, switching off and blowing out is difficult, since the workplace and the dining table are now one and the same. You work more and enjoy less...We work more and enjoy less.
Contrary to one or the other idea, a couple that has a pronounced sexuality and has an open relationship consists of just two completely normal people who don't always take it easy. We too sometimes forget ourselves and others. And even during sex, mindfulness sometimes decreases and the hectic pace increases. Even when the outside world has been forced into a deep slumber, time flies by, leaving you and me few moments to blow out between baby and work.
Slow Sex Hals

Writing has grounded you and me very much in the past. We write about our relationship construct, our experiences and topics that are important to us.However, while working from home is increasing, the writing material is currently decreasing.

The moment I stand in the bathroom with the dried pot, lost in thought, I write to Annika and ask for hersSlow-Sex-Date Box. Wasn't there also something to do with mindfulness?

You and I read through the flyers about concentrating on your own self and conscious sex together. In addition to mindfulness exercises and suggestions for slow sex, the pretty packet also contains a nipple and massage gel.

And now I'm standing here with these cards in hand and breathing deeply. It's good to feel yourself. In the past, I used to feel very consciously at work or when going for a walk, hold my mind for a moment and feel how my stomach feels, my legs, every one of my movements. I haven't done that lately and now I feel the tension. At that moment, I consciously close my eyes and stop my own time. I slow down and focus on my breathing.I push the lever down and look up with my eyes closed.

Slow Sex Arm Zeitlos

When the water touches my body, I startle for a moment. I stroke my arms, then my chest to the sidemy breasts. The water is warm, the shower tray is still cold under my feet, but that is about to change. I concentrate on every single feeling, each of my movements, touches, handles.I consciously take the shower head out of the holder and run the water over my whole body. I imagine my thoughts of work, everyday life and self-doubt being washed down.I'm just with myself and the warm water now.Little by little I lather each part of my body, feel the soap being washed down by the water and smile. Very gently, consciously and at the same time carefully, I touch my breasts, the inside of my thighs and slide a finger into my pussy. A subliminal excitement rises in me. My second hand reaches up to my nipple and gently pinches it. I feel a slight tug...mhhh...

And then I open my eyes. You stand in front of the shower cubicle with your messy, reddish hair and the beard that you're wearing a little longer than usual. You stand there in your shorts and hand me a towel. You put the red fabric around me and pull me to you. I snuggle up to you and let the largest drops slide into the towel.

andwhat was slow sex again?The thing with the turtles and the snail's pace? You and I have always found it difficult physically to be calm. While I'm wearing a cranked Duralcell bunny in my heart, you're a little calmer in spirit, but your libido is wearing jogging shoes. Your movements suit the enjoyable runner that you are. Slow is not our nature. But we can dream and feel. It's also not about "the main thing is slow".It's about the consciousto be who you are. Being mindful without a subconscious end and without a rush in the bloodstream with the ultimate goal being the orgasmic climax.

Slow Sex Rose

We're both free today. Our daughter is cared for by my parents. Our date night is happening now, on a sunny Friday around noon.You take my hand and lead me into the living room. It is the largest and brightest roomwith a large sofa landscape. Music is playing softly in the background and the window is open a crack. Our cell phones lie silently somewhere in drawer 13.

I'm naked, you're wearing your shorts. I feel a cool breeze on my skin.We kiss with ease, without a time limit.Our arms hang beside the body. You and I just focus on our lips and the tips of our tongues nudging. I try to focus on each sensation. It's not easy to let go of the feeling of a commitment-driven deer,but with every passing minute we loosen a little more -Between the breeze and the sun's rays. At some point I'll strip off your shorts. We now kneel in front of each other on the soft fabric and explore our bodies.I follow my impulses and trace your beard with my fingertips, stroke your lips,down your neck to your chest, then back up sideways and down again a bit. I watch your reactions and feel your touch on my skin. We do this pretty much one at a time to give credit for each emotion.

In a sun-drenched living room in the far north, near the Elbe, time is standing still.I notice how the lust rises subliminally.I breathe in, out and look at the small table next to us. I reach for nipple and massage gel, which were included in the package.I slide the small roller over your nipple and bite my bottom lip."Do you feel anything?" "No." When I want to put the gel away, you snuggle up to me and ask"Can we do that again?"Then you try the gel on me. It feels cool. Immediately my nipple reigns. Again I feel my excitement.

 Slow Sex Nipple Play

We kiss timelessly. Then, in addition to the hands, we also use lips and tongue. We explore each other, play with each other's lust and observe how each reacts - nibbling, licking, sucking.My lap is slowly bursting into flames in a very different way than usual. I squirm, concentrating on my sensations.

I want to feel you inside me and you also have trouble not getting "even closer" to me.We devote ourselves the massage gel and use this as a little break from excitementuntil we let the gel trickle down each other's bodies one by one.

First we kneel in front of each other again and massage each other with the coconut gel - shoulder and chest area down to stomach and thighs.Then you're lying on top of me I enjoy your closeness and the coconut scent. We move in unison and I feel your excitement on my mons pubis. You penetrate me very easily, then always a little deeper. we look at us My hands stroke your back up to your bottom. I nibble on your lips and feel my entire body tingle.We speed up, then slow down again, lose track of time and play with excitement.

Slow Sex Kiss

It's not an entirely new game, but right now, at this time, we're reinventing it for ourselves. Our bodies whisper for salvation, the climax. We take pleasure to the extreme until inner voices grow louder and we bury our hands in each other's skin during orgasm.

We'll be together for quite a while, enjoying the here and now.And then we consciously and carefully let the time continue.

Feel like trying slow sex?

The Slow Sex Date Box is therehere!

More texts from Isabel and Tom on theirswebsiteor onInstagram.


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