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The Munich startup OH MY! FANTASY. Founded in Munich in 2020 by Annika Breu, the young company develops sizzling date nights for couples together with trained sex coaches. The key: Exciting couple fantasies in the form of love letters with precise instructions for both partners - from room preparation and techniques to tips to get into the right mindset for the date night. The matching erotic accessories and love toys are optionally available. In this way, couples can initiate their very own journey of discovery to pleasure, try new things in bed, and strengthen intimacy in the relationship.

The goal is to start the journey of discovery to your own pleasure and to fully develop your own pleasure potential

True to the motto "Pleasure is your birthright", it is particularly important to the founder to create a framework in which theFully develop female pleasurecan. Living out one's own pleasure is, like rest and relaxation or very basic things like eating, a basic need of every person.

Lfear it has been proven that physicality and sexuality have a strengthening effect on relationships. Still, sex and lust are still big taboo topics. Anyone who begins to ask questions about the status quo of sexuality and lust / pleasure will find striking insights - even though our society seems more enlightened than ever before:

  • Many feel a great pressure to perform that sex is only "successful" when both come to orgasm at the same time
  • The anatomy of the vulva has long been ignored and media imagery is clearly focused on vaginal orgasms
  • Communication about one's own preferences in bed and erotic fantasies is still fraught with great shame and uncertainty for many

Due to the taboo on female pleasure, many women often do not even know what they like because there is no discourse or space to discover their own sexuality and preferences - without prejudice and shame! With every fantasy there is always the feeling of wellbeing, being able to let go andfeminine pleasure in the foreground.

With OH MY! FANTASY offer women a space to continue to discover and enjoy their own lust in partnership - and thus to break the taboo bit by bit!

For a fulfilled partnership, it is part of the fact that both partners share their intimate desires and longings with the other and continue to discover each other. If couples manage to clearly articulate their preferences in bed, everyday communication is also easier: Because open and honest communication creates an intimacy that in turn creates trust and closeness - two important ingredients for a happy relationship.

Whether sensual, intense or playful: The range of couple fantasies is constantly being expanded and value is placed on high-quality products

The current date-night range ranges from sensual experiences such as slow sex or oral lip service, to playful erotic adventures such as body painting or hot photo sessions, to more intense experiences such as bondage or an intro to anal play. The range of erotic adventures is constantly being expanded. With these tools and tricks, all doors are finally open to adventure pleasure - and all date nights are ideal for at home!

For the products that OH MY! FANTASY used in their love boxes, quality plays a big role:We only partner with manufacturers who are passionate about high-quality products made from body-friendly and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, haseach love box has a higher value of goods (at least 25%) than the actual purchase price.

Open and honest communication for a fulfilling partnership

The active-passive role-play is recommended for curious beginners. This lures both partners out of their comfort zone and lovers get to know each other in a completely new way. Both partners first fill out a questionnaire about their preferences in bed. This is followed by an exciting role play, which is about playing with expectations. This serves to lure both of you out of your comfort zone and to discover a new side of yourself as well as your partner.

These date nights let any monotony (especially in lockdown) fly away very quickly and are a valuable investment in the partnership - and maybe the beginning of a very personal journey of discovery to pleasure?

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Annika Breu (founder)

Annika Breu was born in Munich in 1993 and is a real Munich child. She studied business administration at the LMU and TU Munichwhere she completed part of her studies at Columbia University in New York and at the University of Oxford. Through an additional course of study at the Munich Research and Teaching Institute Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), she came into contact with the world of start-ups in 2015, with the fixed plan to venture into self-employment. After almost 3 years at Bain & Company, she decides to embark on a new adventure from mid-2020.

OH MY! FANTASY is a female-centered offer in the rapidly growing sexual wellness market and enables new erotic adventures on the very personal path to your own pleasure.

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