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Squirting Guide


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On this date night you dive into the world ofSquirtingone. It is not about achieving pornographic performance, but quite the opposite: it is about relaxation, letting go and surrender. Squirting has become known in the last few decades, especially through porn. However, the knowledge that women can ejaculate when they are aroused is much older.

In this guide you will get very practical experience to help youSquirting potentialtounfold: DifferentPreparatory exercisesfor the squirting, with an exclusively compiledPlaylistfor the exercises. This is followed by a common "warm-up" and finally step by step instructions for the wholetargeted touchesto get the female fluids flowing.

The entire squirting guide is instructed bySex coach Marianne Kreissig. The active players can do the exercises beforehand as well as during the massage itselflivewith a specially made audio file through the squirting toucheslet lead. Here is an excerpt from thatAudio for the "squirt maker"

Digital: You will receive the date guide digitally by email as a PDF - immediately available and to be printed out yourself, you can start listening and share it with your partner right away.

Analog:The date guide will come to your home discreetly by post. You will also receive a digital PDF including audio immediately by email.

The matching accessories and love toys are available in theDatebox Squirting!