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Do you know that feeling, too? Would you like to spend a special time with your favorite person again, but are you stressed, everyday life interferes with you or you lack the brilliant idea for a fancy time for two? With OH MY! FANTASY, couples can experience new "sex experiences", i.e. new sex adventures, in bed and discover new sides to each other. Our date guides, developed with experienced sex and couple coaches, contain the various "sex experiences": precise instructions for both partners, from tips on preparation to what you do and say. There are also selected erotic accessories and love toys in the date box.

How's the script for a date night with OH MY! FANTASY?

Step 1: Choose your favorite date night motto from "sensual", "playful" or "kinky".

Step 2: You decide on a time, for example on the weekend, and arrange a date night. We'll give you precise tips on how to prepare for the date night: Get into the right mindset and make yourself comfortable in a nice atmosphere.

Step 3: We recommend taking a quick look at the date guide beforehand: Depending on the topic, there are a few things to prepare in advance. These preparations sometimes start a few days before the actual date night.

Who is OH MY! FANTASY for?

For you and your relationship - and for all other couples! Our date boxes are for people in relationships, partnerships and marriages who want to keep their relationship with their favorite person alive and fulfilled. Our date boxes are so different that there is something for everyone. With OH MY! FANTASY, we aim to give couples the opportunity to try new experiences in bed together and to get to know new sides of each other. With a concept that has everything ready for your date night - all you have to do is find a suitable date :)

We have a lot of experience with different sex practices, is OH MY! FANTASY right for us too?

Our date boxes help you to easily experience new adventures in bed! Have you tried slow sex before? How about to rediscover another side? Or do you want to have a completely new experience? Browse through our range or do our Quiz and find out which date night you would most like to start with. Because experience shows: When you start with new discoveries, you want more;)

How can we start best with OH MY! FANTASY?

We recommend the Intro-Date Box, our bestseller! The active-passive role-playing game is ideal for all couples to get to know who are starting their first OH MY! FANTASY experience. The first box is often the prelude to a whole host of new discoveries! After the date night, simply decide whether you want to continue your journey of discovery and soon experience another date night with OH MY! FANTASY - you can simply browse our shop. That alone is a sizzling date night!

We want to try out a very specific thing - is that also possible without toys?

Your wish is heard! With the OH MY! FANTASYDate Guides, you can easily experience the most exciting date nights - even without toys. With detailed scenarios for both partners, illustrations of tried and tested techniques, audio instructions and exclusively compiled playlists - developed with experienced sex coaches.

A very special highlight is the Date Night Academy: With 12 Date Night Guides it is the ideal starting point for intimate moments and quality time for two - over a year you can always have new experiences in bed: So that you can concentrate on the really important things. Because your relationship matters.

I am in a same sex relationship. Are there boxes for me and my partner?

Absolutely! The Date Nights are intended for all couples. In concrete terms: We design the date guides as gender-neutral as possible. In this way, ALL couples can meet at eye level, because we are convinced: love is colorful! If one or the other date box is still written for a very specific couple constellation, please forgive us -  available in a short time for all couple constellations.

Do you accept suggestions for date boxes?

We'd love to. We love to hear your ideas for new date boxes. And best of all, if we create a box based on your idea, you will receive the first box from us for free!

Do I need to know something before we plan our date night?

We always recommend that you think about whether the fantasies  you want to experience are absolute no-gos. It's best to go to our free yes! No! Perhaps? Guide and find out where your needs and secret desires are. That alone is a great date night!

Is it OH MY! FANTASY available for interviews or press inquiries?

With pleasure - and we also have a lot to tell ... for example, how it is possible to still experience a lot of passion in bed even after many years of relationship or what it feels like to start an erotic startup as a young woman :-) Write to us at

You are an influencer / blogger / instagrammer / youtuber and want to introduce OH MY! FANTASY?

We'd love to! We look forward to a short message from

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