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​Our mission: to provide the impetus for a very personal journey of discovery of your own lust. 50 years after the sexual revolution, women and men are still not equal, not even in bed. The Pleasure Gap describes the fact that a THIRD of women reach orgasm less often than men. High time to change that! 

Mit OH MY! FANTASY become new "Sexperiences", i.e. new sex adventures, quite simply - alone or in pairs! In addition to high-quality products, the sex date boxes contain instructions or audio guides that guide you through the respective experience. These date guides were developed in collaboration with experienced sexologists and are full of proven tips and tricks and the many little secrets that turn a sexperience into a firework of pleasure. True to the motto "Pleasure is your birthright" it is important to the founder to create a framework with all sex date boxes in which female desire can fully develop. 

How's a date night with OH MY! FANTASY ab?

Step 1: Choose your favorite theme date night from themes such as "sensual", "playful" or "kinky".

Step 2: From decide on a time e.g. on the weekend and arrange a date night. We give precise instructions on how to prepare for the new sexperience - alone or as a couple: get into the right mindset and make yourself comfortable in a nice atmosphere.

Step 3: We recommend taking a quick look at the Date Guide beforehand: Depending on the topic, there are a few things to prepare in advance. These preparations sometimes start a few days before the actual sexperience. 

For whom is OH MY! made FANTASY?

For you and your pleasure - whether in a relationship or solo! Our date boxes are for people who want to unfold their full "pleasure potential" and live a lively, fulfilling sexuality. Our date boxes are so different, there is something for everyone. Whether sensual, intense or playful: the range of date boxes is constantly being expanded and places value on high-quality products. The current Date Night Box range includes 30 boxes and ranges from sensual experiences such as slow sex or tantric massages, to playful erotic adventures such as body painting or hot photo sessions, to more intense experiences such as bondage or an intro to anal play. The range of erotic adventures is constantly being expanded.

I have a lot of experience with different sex practices, OH MY! FANTASY for me too?

Absolutely! Our date boxes are the starting point for a lifelong journey of discovery. Slow sex has been appealing to you for a long time? You want to reconnect more with your body? How about discovering a new side of your libido? Or would you like to put a long-cherished secret fantasy into practice? Browse through our range or make ours Quiz and find out which date night you would like to start with. Because experience shows: once you start making new discoveries, you want more ;)

how do i start mit OH MY! FANTASY best?

For curious people who want to have a sex date for two, we recommend the Intro Box. The date begins with a question game that reveals secret desires. This is followed by a role-playing game about playing with expectations. This is guaranteed to bring a new dynamic to your love life - just open the box and enjoy! 

For Solo Pleasure we have a growing range of boxes - take a look even around here!

I want to try something very specific - is that possible without toys?

Your wish is heard! With the OH MY! FANTASY Date Guides you can easily experience the most exciting sexperiences - even without toys. With detailed scenarios, illustrations of proven techniques, audio instructions and exclusively compiled playlists - developed with experienced sex coaches. 

A very special highlight is the Date Night Academy: She takes care of you 12 Date Night Guides for intimate Moments and Quality Time for two - over the course of a year you can always have new experiences in bed: So that you can concentrate on the really important things. 

I am in a same sex relationship. Are there also boxes for me and my partner?

Absolutely! The Date Nights are intended for all couple constellations. In concrete terms, this means that we design the Date Guides to be gender-neutral. So ALL couples can meet at eye level, because we are convinced: love is colourful! If one or the other Date Box is written for a very specific couple constellation, please forgive us - as I said, available for all couple constellations in a short time. 

Do you accept suggestions for date boxes?

lovingly. We love hearing your ideas for new date boxes. Best of all, when we create a box based on your idea, you get the first box from us!

Anything I need to know before we plan our date night?

We always recommend thinking about whether the Fantasies, which you will experience alone or as a couple are absolute no-gos. It's best to go to ours free Yes! No! Perhaps? Guide through and find out where your needs and secret desires lie. That alone is a great date night! 

Is OH MY! FANTASY available for interviews or press inquiries?

With pleasure - and we also have a lot to tell... for example how it is possible to still experience a lot of passion in bed even after many years of being in a relationship or how it feels to found an erotic startup as a young woman :-) Feel free to write to us at

You are an influencer/ blogger/ instagramer/ youtuber and want OH MY! FANTASY?

Nice! We look forward to a short message from you

Where do babies come from?

If you can't answer this question, you're too young for this website!