Squirting: Das musst du wissen

What is squirting? Instructions for squirting

What is squirting or female ejaculation?

Many find the topic of squirting exciting, but don`t know how or simply don't dare to cum. But in principle all women are capable of squirting and can also cum! Unlike orgasm, squirting is about letting go.

Squirting, also known as female ejaculation, has become popular in recent decades, particularly through porn. Squirting is both fascinating and a great mystery to many. Time to solve the mystery! Our date box Squirting contains step-by-step instructions on how you can get the female fluids flowing together.

History of squirting

However, the knowledge that women can also ejaculate when they are aroused is much older. Already in Taoism, the female ejaculate is called "white moon flower medicine" or im Tantra referred to as Amrita, which means divine nectar. The secretion that women secrete when squirting was considered very special or even sacred in many traditions! Squirting can be detached from an orgasm - or coupled with an orgasm. It's different for every woman.

State of the art on squirting

Science is still groping in the dark as to what liquids make up the female ejaculate, where exactly it is anatomically and physiologically produced and how it is released. This information is so important at this point because there are a wide variety of statements and theories about it on the Internet - but in fact there is still no scientific clarity. In this fantasy, squirting and female ejaculation are used interchangeably.

It is currently assumed that the squirting fluid is produced in the so-called paraurethral gland (also called Skene gland or female prostate) and is also secreted from it. This gland lies around the urethra and its exit is also very close to the urethral opening. That's probably why so many women think they're peeing when they're actually squirting.

Some women start squirting naturally - just after hearing that it's possible and studying their anatomy. The stimulation of the G-spot plays the central role here, as the following graphics illustrate. In the graphics, the glands described above are called "squirting glands" for convenience, they are located in a spongy tissue around the urethra.

Squirting Anatomie

With arousal and the right touches, this region of tissue swells and a fluid is produced in the glands, which is then later expelled during squirting.
Squirting Anatomie Körper

Biggest fears about squirting

One of the biggest fears and one of the reasons why women don't squirt is the fear that if they completely let go and surrender, urine could come with them. The squirting fluid isn't urine, don't worry. And even if it were, would that be so bad? So that you can reduce any fears, one of the most valuable tips is actually to pee over your partner's hand. Just take a shower together and try it out! Because only if she can really let go will the squirting work later.

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This is how you get to shared squirting highlights!

Date Box Squirting

There are precise instructions on how to approach squirting in our Date Box Squirting. Beforehand, there are some exercises just for the squirting woman - to explore and sensitize her body, especially her G-spot. For the squirt maker there are some very special squirting techniques to get the female fluids flowing.


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