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Clitoris: everything you need to know about the female pleasure center

The clitoris is often the great unknown, but it is the ultimate pleasure center of women*. In this article, you'll learn what the clitoris is, where to find it, and why it's only recently been known to science.

The clitoris: the female pleasure center 

I can only congratulate anyone who feels a pleasant shudder at the mention of the word clitoris. Because despite the admittedly somewhat clinical designation, this is the pleasure center of women*. Yes, dear men* and partners* of wonderful women*: the search is over!

On the other hand, if you just blink your eyes in confusion and either ask yourself: "The Kli-what?" or "Do I have something like that too?", he/she can sit back and relax because here are the most important facts.

What is the clitoris and where can I find it?

Was ist die Klitoris und wo kann ich sie finden? 

The clitoris is part of the female sex organs and it is a cavernous body. This means that the clitoris can swell and become stiff as a result. Yes, that's right, dear penis, you're not the only one who can do this. Sorry. However, I will not make the mistake here of explaining the clitoris in comparison to the penis, as unfortunately many do Websites do because, as we shall see, it is part of a larger problem.

This swelling occurs during arousal, which is possible because the clitoris is incredibly sensitive because there are so many nerve endings in it. So it (presumably) only serves female pleasure. This may come as a surprise to those who reduce the female sex organs only to their reproductive properties (I mean you, Always. And I thought you were on our side: shame on you!).

Part I of the clitoris: the glans of the clitoris, the "clit"

The part of the clitoris that you're probably, or hopefully, most familiar with, and where about 8,000 nerve endings reside, is the glans of the clitoris, or the clitoris, if you prefer that term.

This is surrounded by the clitoral hood - because every superhero needs a cape ;). The familiarity comes from the fact that this is the part that is visible and tactile from the outside, so it is also part of the vulva.

And since there are no vulva maps (Google: I'm offering you this crazy idea for sale) yet, here's how to get there: the clitoral glans with foreskin is located between the "outer labia" and above the "inner labia". If you are on the mons pubis, you are too high. If you land on the vagina, you're too far down. There's a lot going on in such a small area, I know, but "he who seeks will find" and such.

Incidentally, the designation of the labia, or vulval lips, is also often misleadingly divided into "large" and "small" instead of "inside" and "outside", although the size can vary depending on the woman* and there is no "normal" or "beautiful". should exist, but unfortunately this superstition is widespread. The same applies to the clitoris. Body positivity is the keyword here folks!

Part II of the clitoris: The inner part of the clitoris

But the kicker is yet to come: because that's just a tiny part of the clitoris. What?! That's right, the clitoris is closing in on itself nine centimeters away.

The glans of the clitoris is just the "tip of the iceberg", so to speak, and is divided into two shanks on the inside, in which the cavernous bodies are located, which are located in the outer labia. In addition, there are two auricular cavernous bodies that surround the vagina and urethra in a horseshoe shape. The clitoris can increase in size by up to 30% as it swells, narrowing the vagina and blocking the urethra. The clitoris thus looks largely like a padded coat hanger or, more romantically, a butterfly.

If you are embarrassed that you didn't know that, I can help you, because now we come to the curious part: the history of the clitoris anatomy.

A brief history of the anatomy of the clitoris 

Do you know this situation: you are looking for something and go into another room to get it. When you got there, you forgot what you actually wanted to get. And at some point it will come back to you. Story of my life, but curiously, the story of the discovery of the anatomy of the clitoris follows a similar pattern of know-to-forget-to-rediscover.

The beginning of the discovery of the clitoris

Already in the 16th In the 19th century, interest in the anatomy of the clitoris began. During this time, the dissection of corpses became widespread, which made such examinations possible in the first place. It started with rather imprecise drawings, developed into quite extensive depictions by the Dutch doctor Reinier De Graaf in the 17th century. Century and culminated in the precise depictions of the German anatomist Georg Ludwig Kobelt in the 19th century. Century. These were so accurate that they are probably still used today could. He also found that the nerve density in the clitoris is higher than in the vagina. 

So if in the 19th Everything was scratched in the 19th century, so why is it that many claim that the true anatomy of the clitoris wasn't discovered until 1998?

The clitoris is forgotten

Because this knowledge was lost. in the 19th century was Masturbation increasingly frowned upon and was suspected of causing diseases. In addition, the focus was on reproduction, for which unfortunately female desire is not absolutely necessary.

John Harvey Kellogg, yes the same Kellogg of the Cornflakes, blamed masturbation for disease and recommended acid treatment for too much clitoral stimulation. You'll lose your hunger for breakfast.

This even led to clitoridectomy, i.e. the removal of the clitoris, becoming a popular "cure" for a wide variety of diseases such as headaches, epilepsy or depression. Here Dr. Isaac Baker-Brown stood out particularly negatively.

Sigmund Freud delivered the crowning glory when he propagated the idea in 1905 that only immature, young girls have clitoral orgasms and adult, mature women have vaginal orgasms. The clitoris thus disappeared into obscurity until the 1950s. 

The rediscovery of the clitoris

1953 clitoral orgasm is back! Not thanks to the Backstreet Boys, but thanks to Alfred Kinsey, the American sexologist. At least someone who did his job right, phew!

The feminist movement finally debunked the vaginal orgasm as a myth in the 1970s, which, unfortunately, science did not even acknowledge with a shrug.

In 1998, Helen O'Connell did an MRI of her clitoris, finally showing hers true size. A milestone for which we should name a few streets after her as soon as possible or at least put up one or the other statue as a place of pilgrimage. Because she did not take this picture by chance, but after she had to realize in her work as a urologist that the available anatomical illustrations in the specialist literature did not match what she found during the dissection.

The clitoris in the present 

Please let the year melt in your mouth again: 1998. 

I am emphasizing this again because this history naturally also has an impact on our present. Because this silence around the clitoris leads to the phenomenon of "symbolic cliterodectomy". symbolic clitoridectomy. If you don't name something and don't talk about it, then it's also difficult to know anything about it. As if it wasn't there at all. And so the researchers in the above-mentioned article found in interviews that women* found out about their clitoris more by accident or through their partner, but then often only developed this knowledge further depending on the partner.

Similar experiences are described by a sex educator in this recommended article. She reports that many young people don't recognize the clitoris when they are shown a picture and don't know much about it. Since the clitoris is often used as the female counterpart to the penis, this makes it all the more surprising.

In fact, I've seen countless drawings and doodles of penises in my life, but I'm still waiting for someone to draw a clitoris on the wall of a public restroom. And that says a lot about the status of female* sexuality in relation to male*.

Female* sexuality is often only allowed to exist in relation to male* sexuality, but it is actually not absolutely desirable or absolutely necessary. But how are girls* and women* supposed to develop their own sexuality when there is this vacuum? The artist Sophie Wallace also speaks of "Cliteracy" (from the English word "illiteracy") and tries to counteract this with her art.

For those who want to learn more about the history of female sexuality and the clitoris, I warmly recommend the brilliant comic "The Origin of the World" by Liv Strömquist, which is not only excellently researched, but also brings tears to your eyes from laughter if only you didn't have to be so annoyed at the same time. In addition, the topic is not closed yet, there is still much to do about the clitoris Experienced and unfortunately little research on it.

How does the clitoris help me orgasm?

Clitoral stimulation is crucial for the female* orgasm. This applies to both masturbation and sex with a partner. Unfortunately, the discussion about vaginal vs. clitoral orgasm rekindled by the supposed discovery of the G-spot. The G-spot is said to be a point on the inner wall of the vagina that leads to orgasm.

But anyone who has paid attention to the anatomy of the clitoris will notice that the clitoris also has its "fingers" or rather its "thighs" in play here, since there is a connection. The vaginal orgasm remains a myth and the clitoris remains the undisputed number one source of pleasure for a woman*. Yeay! 

I recommend this short one to anyone who wants to lay hands or fingers on their own Video, where everything is wonderfully presented and discussed again. You can find appropriate toys for clitoral stimulation here.

Finally, my dear co-clitoristas and friends of female* sexuality, I urge you to discover your own clitoris or that of your partner* and have fun! Talk about it: with your friends, your children: daughters AND sons, your teachers, your mothers, your work colleagues, in short whenever the opportunity arises. If you see or read misrepresentations, speak up! Biology books and sex education texts are still incomplete or wrong. Have an Edding ready and draw at least one clitoris next to each penis! Cliteracy should come to an end, because every woman* has the right to know about her own body and her own lust.


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