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Self Pleasure Ritual for Women with Caro Hopp for download

Caro Hopp

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Come and let Caro Hopp take you through a 2.5 hour self pleasure practice conduct. One sensual journey into self-love, into discovering your body, into exploring different touches that you may never have felt before.

Caro Hopp's Self Pleasure Ritual for Women is one Self-love practice. We devote ourselves lovingly to our entire body. We start very slowly, with gentle movements and touches, and then dive more and more into ourselves. We touch our entire body, starting with the arms and legs, the head and the stomach, we gradually feel our way to the delicate areas. Breasts and yoni. (Yoni is Sanskrit and means translated sacred space, I use this word for the female genital)
We take a lot of time to explore our yoni with so-called yoni mapping, to feel where we have pain points, numb areas and particularly intense pleasure points.

The Self Pleasure Ritual is for EVERY Suitable for women who want to get to know and love themselves better and who want to heal their own sexuality and bring it to a higher level. We touch each other intentionally, without performance pressure, without a goal (it's not about achieving orgasm) and experience our sensuality in an innocent and curious way.

For the ritual you need:
- 3 hours of time that you can be alone
- a room in which you are undisturbed, can make noises and also have a little space for gentle dancing
- your favorite massage oil (I recommend coconut or sesame oil)
- a Spotify account for the ritual playlist

Self pleasure is the gateway to a fulfilled sexuality and it does not start with the clitoris, but with your entire body, with your soul. Simply with your entire being.

With Self Pleasure you can find out what you like, how you want to be touched and what you don't like. You will become your best lover for yourself.

In the end, self pleasure means erotic freedom and sexual health. It means that you don't depend on other people or things (e.g. sex toys or porn) for arousal.

You experience excitement with yourself. While dancing, eating, bathing, massaging yourself and everything else you can think of.