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Tantra: Yoni and Lingam Massage


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Incl.Audio guide

Yoni is a Sanskrit term and describes the female genitals. In neotantra it is said that female sexual energy is the deepest source for a woman's vitality and joy in life.

Lingamis a Sanskrit term and describes the male genitals. The lingam, i.e. penis, is revered as the creative and at the same time destructive power of the god Shiva. Shiva, in turn, is one of the main gods in Hinduism and stands for creation and a new beginning, but also for preservation and destruction.

This Date Guide contains everything you need to know about the necessary preparations and for the yoni and lingam massage, as well as precise instructions with the process and different massage techniques. You will also receive an audio file, guided by sex coach Marianne Kreissig. This audio file leads the giver live through the massage while the receiver can listen to the music of an exclusively compiled playlist, surrender and enjoy.

Digital: You get that Date Guide Bundle sent digitally by email, including audio files- available immediately.

Analog: The date night guides for the yoni and lingam massage come discreetly to your home as a love letter package by post. You will also receive a digital bundle immediately by email.

The matching accessories and love toys are available in Date Box Bundle: Yoni and Lingam Massage!