Free guide: yes! No! Perhaps?

What would you like to try out in your relationship, but you areunsurehow you do it bestspeak toshould you? Sometimes it's not that easy or there is simply not enough time to talk to your partner about theown preferencesto talk in bed or to listen to your own wishes.
Start your journey of discovery together with oursfree yes! No! Perhaps? Guideand find out which erotic adventures you would like to discover together in your relationship.Expect you different experiences,with which you can discover new sides to each other in bed - from romantic sensual to playful to kinky!Sprecht openabout what arouses you and what you cannot imagine.

Yes No Maybe?

This free guide is the first step on your journey of discovery together! Talk to this guide about your needs limits fantasies and secret wishes.

  • Yes!

    What turns you on?

  • No!

    What are absolute no-go's?

  • Perhaps?

    Where are you still not sure?


Take yourselvesconscious time just for you(e.g. at a romantic dinner, with a glass of wine if you like), print out the guide and go through the experiences together. That alone is an exciting date night and the first step to many more sizzling date nights!