Ideen für Date Nights

25 date night ideas for at home

It doesn\'t matter whether you\'ve been in a relationship for a while or are new together as a couple: Date nights are important for your relationship.

If you\'ve been watching Netflix soon and you\'re slowly running out of other topics, it\'s time to bring a little variety into your evenings. These 25Date night ideas for at homegive you inspiration for romantic and funny moments for two.

1. Breakfast in bed

Frühstück im Bett Date Idee

An absolute classic among dates and one of the best ways to start the day for ages: breakfast in bed. Surprise your partner in bed in the morning with fresh rolls, orange juice, fruit, delicious coffee and everything that goes with a delicious breakfast. If you want to put in a lot of effort, bake a few muffins or a cake the day before - your loved one will be delighted!

2. Thank you letter

Dankesbrief schreiben Date Idee

Write a letter thanking each other in detail! Make yourself comfortable at home with a cup of tea or a glass of wine, follow your feelings and just start writing. Don\'t be discouraged if you can\'t think of the \'right\' words right away - the word \'thank you\' alone unfolds a positive effect on those to whom it is addressed like no other. Maybe you jump over one or the other shadow when writing the letter - all the better that you do it anyway!

3. Couple Love Lotto

This lottery is not about winning money! Your own love lottery is about much more valuable things: shared experiences. Write one thing on three pieces of paper that you have always wanted to try with your partner.

Intro Box

Are you curious to see what secret wishes your partner might have in store for you when you were lucky? You can agree beforehand whether you are playing for hot ideas, or you just want to save yourself the question of who is going to choose which film in the evening. If you think about it a little, there are many interesting ways to make the evening planning a little more exciting for such a lottery.

So shuffle the papers and let\'s go! In our Intro-Date Box you will find 20 exciting questions that let you discover secret preferences in a playful way.

4. Movie Night


Bring your private cinema home! All you need is a large TV or, if you want, a small projector (can also be borrowed from the Internet), a white wall and of course the right choice of films for a romantic evening at the cinema with your favorite person.

How about a Hollywood classic from your youth or a really good thriller? Fresh popcorn from the pan or microwave, cold beer or a delicious wine make the evening perfect. movie off!

5. Photo Collage

Collage Paar

As a couple, you experience so many things together, and depending on how fond of photography you are, you\'re bound to have some couple photos of you in stock. Whether natural, silly, romantic or blurred - select the best snapshots and create a collage of photos together.

Depending on your preference, you can create the collage digitally or in an old-school way with scissors and glue on cardboard, and add your anniversary date, nicknames or insiders - let your creativity run wild! No matter what you choose, a good mood is guaranteed 😉

6. Bike tour

Paar Fahrradtour Date Idee

Before the wheels get dusty, jump on the saddle and cycle through nature.Pack a blanket, something to eat and drink. So you can look for a quiet place in the forest or on a meadow along the way and have a small picnic. Enjoy the peace and let the sun spoil you.

7. Spa-Massage

There is something magical about a spa evening in your own four walls!Hardly anything is more relaxing at home than a hot, soothing bath. When was the last time you took a bath together? Or is it maybe even the first time?

Let yourself be pampered by the hot water, candlelight and your partner - a shared bath is a wonderful, relaxing and erotic experience. Make yourself comfortable with relaxed music, maybe you put two cold glasses of sparkling wine on the edge of the bathtub and then enjoy your spa experience to the fullest. Fluffy towels to dry off are an absolute must! Our Spa-Massage Box gives you a romantic scenario with matching accessories. We all love an extensive couples massage!

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 8. Cook date

Paar Kochen

Love always goes through the stomach. Above all, a romantic evening of cooking for two creates a relaxed atmosphere. Decide on a dinner that can be prepared quickly and always works: Homemade sushi, pizza or pasta. But you can also try out new recipes to your heart\'s content.

9. Joke Battle

Few things connect two people more than laughing together. Unfortunately, the art of telling jokes has been somewhat forgotten these days. Time to change that!

Each of you picks out 10 jokes and takes turns telling one each. The partner then rates the other\'s performance and wit. By the way, it helps to have a drink beforehand 😉

10. Mix cocktails together

Cocktail Mixen Date Idee

Always wanted to be a bartender?The smallest cocktail bar in town is at your home! Whether Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach,caipirinhaor your very own creation: Mixing cocktails together with your partner is a delicious and fun experience where you can let off steam and enjoy yourself experimentally.

Mix the classic cocktails or a new drink that reflects the best of your relationship and invent your own name for your cocktail.

11. A joint reading

Gemeinsame Lesung

When was the last time you read something to yourself? There are lots of lovely short stories and it\'s fun to cuddle and read or have something read to you. If you want it a little hotter, look for erotic stories. This can be a nice start to a long night. This will definitely provide a lot of topics for conversation and maybe you will discover things that you would like to try out together.

12. Partner-Playlist

The first kiss, a holiday together, a concert or a night of dancing in your favorite club: little connects people as much as music.

Bring back memories of your best moments as a couple with a playlist of all your favorite songs. Put together your playlist together and enjoy the soundtrack of your love. Did you know that all of our date night ideas come with exclusive playlists? So you can share your new experiences in bed from Squirting above Anal Play up to Tantra enjoy atmospheric!

13. Body Painting

Have you ever been to a Full Moon Party or always wanted to go? Experience your own very intimate Full Moon Party! Shines with the moon in shining betscolors and see your partner in a new light.

Our Date Box Body Painting includes everything you need to get started painting each other right away! You focus on the face first and then the whole body (and of course intimate parts too). In this date box you can let your creativity run free and try out new brush techniques that you will surely remember with a smile on your face for a long time.

14. Puzzle-Date

When was the last time you did a puzzle?Puzzles are all the rage. They require patience and are not for restless minds. But once you get into the flow, puzzle lovers will find their true relaxation as you put them together and tinker with the small pieces.As a couple, a joint puzzle project is a great opportunity to create something together without having to do anything and to be completely relaxed.

A 1000 piece puzzle can be a project over several evenings. If you feel like it, you can listen to your favorite music or a podcast. Puzzle and go!

15. Bucket List

The bucket list - a list full of dreams! Write a list together of things you absolutely want to do and experience together, places you see, destinations you want to reach and trips you want to do.

This way you will learn more about your partner\'s wishes and your own wishes and dreams, and maybe you will start planning the next experience together?

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16. Tourist in your own city

Tourist Paar

Why wander far when the good is so close? Have you seen every corner of your hometown? Traveling as a tourist in your own city can be the start of a wonderful tour of discovery.In many places (free) city tours are offered or you can visit local attractions that you otherwise only see from afar.

17. Zoo visit

A great change for all animal fans, which is not only fun for children. When feeding the animals in the petting zoo, fun is also guaranteed for you as a couple.

18. Black-Out Date

Blackout Date

Fortunately, a blackout, i.e. a power failure, is now extremely rare. But that doesn\'t mean that a power outage can\'t be used for other purposes.

For this date, you just pretend you have a power outage. Turn off all lights. Turn off cell phones and refrain from all other electronic devices (but it is advisable to leave the fridge on 😉 ). Light the candles and figure out what the two of you are going to do with the rest of the evening without the use of technology.

19. Living Room Waltz

Tanzendes Paar Bild Date

Have you ever taken a dance class? Maybe even together, or each for himself? If so, it\'s high time to dig out your dancing shoes and do a few laps in the living room! On YouTube you will find lots of instructions for popular couple dances such as discofox, salsa, waltz or foxtrot. So get on the hardwood floor (or the carpet) and have fun!

20. Planning a dream trip


Next stop: dream vacation! Buy a travel guide or borrow one from the library and start planning your next vacation together. Alternatively, you can also search the Internet for countries that you have always wanted to visit.

If you already know which country it will be, prepare yourself for the holiday country with typical food and music. The world is waiting for you!

21. Kamasutra


Are you already familiar with the Indian Kama Sutra? Luckily, you don\'t need to learn the contortions of the Kama Sutra to have exciting new experiences. Experienced in our Date Box "Positional Games", which you can have with a few variations here and there for hot new experiences.

It is super exciting and invigorating to rediscover each other in an erotic and passionate way.

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22. Chocolate Fondue @ Home

For all chocolate lovers! Do you love chocolate, cookies and fresh fruit? With the chocolate fondue, you get three wishes at once and it\'s really fun to enjoy the melted chocolate together.

Actually, all you need is a bowl and a candle, but if you prefer it fancy, you can, for example order this set to your home. All you need is your favorite chocolate, fruit like strawberries or grapes, biscuits and a tealight. And chocolate can also be nibbled on by other tasty parts of the body... ;)

23. Make a photo album

Revel in old memories together - how wonderful and connecting this is again and again! Load your mobile phone pictures from the past year onto a PC and create a photo book from them. Alternatively, you could use the pictures from your last vacation.

24. Making history together


With this date idea you write history in the truest sense of the word! And together. Everyone takes turns writing a sentence and so an exciting, funny and definitely varied story takes its course.

You can either write the story together in one evening or spread it out over a whole day by writing messages to each other via WhatsApp and adding to your story in free moments. At the end, you read the whole story to each other again.

25. Discovering a new sex experiment

Intro Date Box

Have you always wanted to try a new technique in bed, but don\'t know the best way to do it? Our Date Boxes contain step-by-step instructions for various sex experiments - from sensual Tantra massages aboveSquirting up to kinky Bondage. Just browse through our range, order a date box to take home and enjoy a sizzling date night with your loved one!

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