Date boxes for more OH!

Each motto date box contains a date guide, developed with (S)experts, and suitable high-quality products. We deliver the screenplay, you direct: too spicy? Too vanilla? Play the box by your rules. Whether as a couple or solo: with a focus on female desire - for more OH!


Total value: over 600€. You save: 450€!

24 surprises with a total value of over 600€ await you - an unbeatable offer and a great gift idea for couples and singles!

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Pleasure is a basic need. Pleasure is individual. #ownyourpleasure

  • Orgasm Explosion!

    The yoni massage was pure feel-good! Let your soul dangle, just feel and let go - I can't find the words for it. The orgasm was definitely five times as intense as usual, just unbelievable! I'm sure I'll be listening to the playlist more often.

    Marie, 33, Munich

    Here for the whole explicit feedback report by Marie !

  • Secret desires discovered

    For a long time I didn't dare to explore my body or express my own desires. The focus of the Date Boxes is on female pleasure and that feels so liberating. I finally feel like trying new things again - I love it!
    Fezy, 27, Freiburg

  • Romantic quality time

    Finally a whole evening just for each other as a couple and a date night that is more than a romantic dinner for two. The last date night was definitely such that we will definitely do it again.

    Bernhard, 54 Munich

  • Real aha experience

    With the box, I was able to cross a threshold that I didn't even know existed. It's fun to get to know yourself again. Being able to playfully dissolve the routine that exists in long-term partnerships is an aha experience.

    Christian, 39, Heidelberg

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We live according to the motto: Pleasure is your birthright!

#ownyourpleasure #ohmyfantasy

Your pleasure is unique!

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Cheers to female pleasure!

Do you know the orgasm gap? Women still orgasm a THIRD less often than men. We believe, equality starts in bed!

Because female pleasure is sexy. Because you deserve mega orgasms. Because it's time for a new revolution.

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