Yoni Ei: Das musst du wissen

Yoni Egg - more than a pelvic floor workout

What are yoni eggs and what are they good for?

Yoni eggs are currently experiencing a trendy upswing. Many do not even know that the use of these stone eggs is thousands of years old and was ritually practiced by women in the Taoist era.

But one after anonther. So what exactly are yoni eggs? The word "yoni" is Sanskrit (More about tantra can be found here) and stands for the female sex organs vulva, vagina and uterus. A yoni egg is therefore a small stone egg that a woman inserts vaginally in order to do certain exercises. But it's about much more than just pelvic floor training.

The targeted use of yoni eggs causes woman to feel more libido, has a greater sense of pleasure due to a sensitized vaginal canal and thus also experiences more intense orgasms.This heightened vaginal sensitivity enables deeper vaginal and G-spot orgasms that go beyond clitoral stimulation and deliver a whole different level of pleasure.

What different eggs are there?

There are eggs made of many different materials, for example jade, jasper, obsidian, rose quartz or rock crystal. For example, jade is said to have positive healing properties for the female sexual anatomy, and obsidian is good for more in-depth work with emotions. In general, you should make sure to choose a stone that is not prone to breakage and whose surface is dense, i.e. not porous, so that no germs can nest. Buying cheap is not a good idea here because there are many fake or glued stones circulating on the Internet at low prices, but the highest quality is an absolute must for vaginal use. That's why women should urgently look at the origin of the egg and make sure that it comes from a certified mine, for example.

Are there different sizes?

Yoni eggs are generally found in three different sizes: S, M and L. It is important to note that a large egg is easier to hold, making it particularly suitable for those with a weak pelvic floor. A size S egg is therefore more for advanced users with very pronounced pelvic floor muscles. But both are rarely the case. For most women, a size M egg is ideal, for example after pregnancy. Even women who have not had penetrative intercourse before can use a medium-sized egg without any problems.

Some eggs are drilled lengthwise or laterally and some are not. What is the difference with non-drilled eggs?

The fact that some eggs have a drill hole is due to the great peculiarity of yoni eggs and what distinguishes them from other pelvic floor training tools, such as love balls. The eggs can't just be inserted and carried, but you can thread them on a thread and use this thread, which works like a kind of withdrawal cord, to do resistance exercises by gently pulling on the cord while tensing the muscles.

Yoni Ei Einführungs Guide

Much more than pelvic floor

Above all, it is important that the eggs are not just to be carried, but are most effective when you practice them specifically because this not only trains the pelvic floor but also the muscles around the vaginal canal. This is exactly the clue if you want to take your own vaginal sensitivity and orgasm ability  to a whole new level. This is because a well-perfused genital anatomy with healthy muscle tone is essential for a pronounced libido with greater pleasurable sensations.

In addition, mindful exercises, combined with breathing techniques, movement and sounds, can help to accelerate and sustainably complete healing processes that are accompanied by physical or emotional pain.

How exactly do you practice?

In a yoni egg exercise, the egg is inserted vaginally in order to then target and contract different muscle areas with your own attention. An example that can be done without an egg is to visualize the right and left sides of the vaginal canal and squeeze one side in isolation without tensing the other side as well. What at the beginning may seem beyond one's own possibilities becomes not only normal with a regular yoni egg practice but effortless and natural.

It is therefore worth having your own yoni egg in your personal tool kit and making the exercises a habit with it. Because all these happy side effects are a long time coming:

  • more vaginal sensitivity
  • more body awareness
  • more fun in sex through increased pleasure
  • more and better orgasms
  • more sexual desire
  • more energy and vitality

 And even better: There are no negative side effects!

This article was creation in cooperation with Jenny from hello yoni.

Have you become curious and would like to try your first exercises with the yoni egg?
Yoni Ei Einführung

Then our Date Guide "Yoni Egg Introduction"is just the thing! In addition to practical tips for preparing for the yoni egg exercise, you can expect audio that will guide you live through your very personal yoni egg experience - with exercises whose duration you can increase over time and thus stimulate your sexual energy more and more.


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