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Yoni Egg - "Inner Yoga"

Yoni Egg - "Inner Yoga"


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This date box is all about female sexuality, awakening sexual energy and increasing sexual pleasure by working with a yoni egg. Yoni is a Sanskrit word and denotes the female genitalia. The yoni egg is a small gemstone egg that you can insert into your vagina to comfortably exercise your pelvic floor.

Why train your pelvic floor?

The yoni egg is inserted vaginally and worn for a certain period of time. The vaginal and pelvic floor muscles contract around the egg, causing the muscles to alternate between tensing and relaxing. Working with the yoni egg is then a kind of inner yoga!

After a few weeks you will already feel the effects of the training, meaning you can now control the strengthened muscles better ! It has also positive effects for your sex life, such as more sensitivity during sex and an increased ability to orgasm. The yoni egg You can also use for recovering from childbirth or to prevent incontinence that comes with aging.

Content of the Date Box Yoni Egg - "Inner Yoga"

This Date Box will be delivered discreetly and comes with the following items:

  • Yoni egg made from nephrite jade (Polar Jade): Jade is known as "the stone of wealth" and was originally worn as a yoni egg in the chinese empress. The color of the Nephrite Jade is a dark and deep green and is characterized by a particularly high density and breaking strength, which makes it a popular choice. The tightly woven fiber structure prevents impurities and bacteria from diffusing inside. Each yoni egg is drilled and has a corresponding hole at the top, a cord for easy removal is included. Nephrite jade promotes mental agility, strengthens courage and personality, can resolve fears and blockages while also helping you to connect with your inner wisdom.
    Each jade egg has an individual certificate of authenticity. 100% natural and real nephrite jade from Canada (RRP: € 59.90)

  • JoyGlide (20ml): The water-based lubricant is a long-lasting lubricant for pleasant hours - vegan, odorless and tasteless. Even small amounts are enough for long gliding pleasure - without dripping and smearing. An absolute all-rounder that can also be used on sensitive skin without hesitation.

  • Yoni Egg Guide: The Date Box includes a written introduction and instructions for your yoni egg experience. In addition to practical tips for preparing your first yoni egg experience, you can expect an audio guide that slowly narrates you through your very intimate yoni egg routine. You can look forward to exercises, the duration of which you can increase over time and thus further stimulate your sexual energy.

This box is your entrance to more sexual energy, your connection to the divine feminine and a strong pelvic floor !

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