Yoni Massage: Das musst du wissen

Basics of yoni massage

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What does yoni stand for?

Yoni is a Sanskrit term and describes the female genitalia. Neotantra says that female sexual energy is the deepest source of a woman's vitality and zest for life.

What is the yoni massage about?

The yoni massage is often seen as a form of erotic massage, but it is NOT primarily about sexual satisfaction. That means orgasms are no goal of the yoni massage. The yoni massage is more about feeling the presence, increasing sensitivity and strengthening the intimacy between you as a couple.

A yoni massage is very healing, but can also be unpleasant. Both physically (due to tensions in certain tissue regions), and especially emotionally. It's normal for strong emotions like anger or sadness to pop up out of nowhere. In these moments it is important as a recipient to allow the emotions and as a giver to keep the space in love and presence.

For preparation

  1. Bring plenty of time: make sure you take enough time for the yoni massage. There should be enough time before the massage to settle in and relax. There should also be enough time after the massage to fully integrate the experience. About two hours is recommended.
  2. Avoid heavy eating and sex for a few hours before the massage.
  3. Get skin-friendly massage oil in organic quality.
  4. Heat the room to a nice warm temperature. It's about the recipient being able to completely let go and relax. That's only possible if she's not cold.
  5. Provide a cozy ambience (e.g. with candles, essential oils, pillows and sensual relaxing music). You can also listen to the playlist created exclusively for the yoni massage date night.

Intro to the yoni massage

Start with a  full body massage to introduce the yoni massage and then let your hands move very slowly from her breasts, over her belly and hips to her vulva.

Here are some inspirations on how to start the yoni massage:

Put one hand on her heart and one hand on her vulva. Stay like this for a few moments. Feel her heartbeat, her breath, the energy of her body. Feel your connection.

Now it can start!

Take some oil and then start gently massaging her vulva: first, start stroking the entire palm of your hand over the vulva from top to bottom.

Then gently pinch the vulval lips together with your thumb and forefinger. Work your way up from the bottom so that you also end up gently pinching the skin around the clitoris. Also try pushing the skin around the clitoral bead back and forth.
Experiment with different levels of pressure and speed and get feedback from your partner.


The most important thing in the yoni massage is trusting your natural flow of movements and of course a variety of techniques. You can find detailed instructions for the yoni massage with graphics and an audio file that guides you live through the yoni massage in our Date Guide yoni massageThe audio is spoken by sex coach Marianne Kreissig and can be listened to comfortably through headphones while the recipient enjoys - a unique experience!

You are curious and want to know more about the basics of lingam massage? This article gives you an insight into the background of the lingam massage and how you can approach this tantric massage.

Would you like to immerse yourself in tantra?

Whether as a recipient or giver: Our guide or our date box has everything ready so that your tantric yoni and lingam massage leads to orgasmic highlights!

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