13 Erogene Zonen der Frau

13 erogenous zones of women

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What are erogenous zones?

The skin is the largest sensory organ in our body: it contains almost 80,000 nerve cells. In the places where these nerve endings are concentrated are the erogenous zones. Tender touches on these skin areas can lead to proverbial pleasure explosions.

Erogene Zonen

Erogenous zones begin in the mind

Not every touch of an erogenous zone immediately leads to sexual arousal. Every woman is different: What makes one woman ecstatic makes the other woman just smile tiredly. This is because adventures first take place in the head: The brain is therefore THE central erogenous zone of a woman: there is no feeling of pleasure if the brain does not allow it. Sexual fantasies, smells or noises can trigger the feeling of pleasure in the brain. It's all about trying and discovering.

After the brain as hotspot number one of the woman, you can find here 12 more exciting female hotspots from head to toe:

  1. Lips: A tingling door opener are a woman's lips. The skin of the lips is extremely sensitive, there are many nerve ends here, and it is very receptive to tender stimulation. The softer she is touched or kissed, the more intense the tingling.
  2. Ears: Earlobes also have many nerve endings, making them grateful recipients of kisses, nibbles, and puffs. If you like it: there is a bonus for really good dirty talk.
  3. Neck: An erotic highway! Many women love kisses and gentle nibbling or scratching of the neck. This erogenous zone not only gives you tingling goosebumps, it also sends pleasure signals directly to your abdomen. The skin is thinner than the rest of the body, making it more sensitive to touch and it is full of nerve endings. Attention, hickey alert!
  4. Breasts: A true erogenous zone of the female body are the breasts. Here it is worth caressing not only the nipples, but also the areola, the lateral breast and the zone under the breast are grateful for hot touches. The same applies here: Anything that pleases is allowed. While some women are very sensitive to the breasts and get their money's worth through gentle touching, others can only get into full swing with harder gripping, nibbling and sucking. Get more here Inspiration and tips for a soothing breast massage.
  5. Inside of arms and armpits: Definitely not a dead end! The thin skin on the inside, especially in the crook of the arm, is very sensitive to touch and receptive to long stroking movements, licking and kissing. If the woman enjoys tongue games, her partner can work her way up to her armpits and pamper her with caresses.
  6. Stomach: There are many nerve endings in and around the navel, which makes touching the navel particularly turning on. It is not for nothing that the navel is considered the insider tip among the erogenous zones. Many women like the gentle stimulation of the navel, including tongue play, but a massage of the entire abdominal area with massage oil can also be highly arousing.
  7. Buttocks: One of the most erogenous zones! Numerous nerves not only come together around the anus, but also the buttocks and the area around the coccyx promise maximum pleasure. Some women find it super hot when their buttocks are touched during sex - as is well known, that's the first step towards Anal Play 
  8. Tighs: From the buttlock it is only a short way to the inside of the thighs. The thighs are also super sensitive and love to be caressed. It is particularly stimulating to stroke along the thighs without ending up directly in the genital area. This often increases her desire immeasurably.
  9. Vulva and vagina: The mons pubis, including the vulva and the vagina, form the center of pleasure. There are many sensitive points hidden in the vagina – such as the G-point, the A-point and the vaginal opening. But the labia are also criss-crossed by nerve endings.There's quite a lot to explore here.
  10. Clitoris: The it girl of eroticism! The clitoris, also known as the clit, is highly sensitive, like the man's glans, and is probably one of the best-known female pleasure points. While the right stimulation (indirect/direct, caressing/kissing) can quickly lead to orgasm, women find touching too firm to be uncomfortable. A careful approach is the be-all and end-all. If the woman likes it, things can go a little more firmly.
  11. Knee pits: Not to underestimate! Some are just really ticklish there, while others find stroking and kissing this sensitive part of the body very stimulating.
  12. Feet: There are a lot of nerve tracts running through our feet, which makes them ticklish but also extremely receptive to careful touches. A foot massage is very relaxing for some, stimulating for others - right down to kissing, sucking or licking your toes.


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