Selbstliebe: Anleitung für eine erotische Brustmassage als Frau

Tips for a soothing breast massage

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Big or small, hanging or standing, clamped in a bra or dancing free, your breasts are always with you. They are the perfect combination between sexy and functional. Instead of neglecting their presence, let's give this erogenous zone an unforgettable sensual massage. 

The top three benefits of a breast massage

1. Self-love and self-confidence

Many women worry about the size of their breasts, while others are ashamed of their shape. We must address this issue! Our breasts, especially the nipples, are the first thing that enters a room. If we're comfortable with them, we'll be at least as comfortable with the rest that follows.

You may feel uncomfortable touching your breasts at first, but it doesn't take long to get used to it. And the result of the simple exercise is a pleasant feeling of "Hey, I'm beautiful".

2. Hormones free! for prolactin

There are two hormones that release and distribute their gifts when you massage your breasts: prolactin and oxytocin.

Prolactin is a protein known to help mammals produce milk. When a woman is pregnant, prolactin levels increase by 10 to 20 times the average amount. In addition, prolactin is necessary for water/salt regulation, metabolism, reproductive behavior, the immune system, hormones and the brain.

Best of all, prolactin makes your breasts firmer and bigger because: An increase in prolactin causes the mammary glands to enlarge (usually in preparation for milk production).

3. Hello happiness hormones

Do you know that warm, soft feeling when you are in your lover's arms? This feeling is associated with oxytocin. After great sex you could cuddle the whole world. You feel relaxed and calm, somehow protected and it feels natural to trust strangers.

On the contrary, a lack of oxytocin leads to a loss of social interest. However, oxytocin increases confidence and generosity. Massive amounts of oxytocin are also released during breast massage. So: Do something good for yourself and massage your breasts.

Step-by-step instructions for your breast massage


1. Spread (warm) massage oil all over your chest.

2. With your fingertip, start massaging your collarbone and chest in tiny circles. You can also tap it as if a little rain shower is trickling down your chest.

3. Put the middle of your palms on your nipples and touch them directly. Hold that for a few moments. Breathe deeply into your heart.

4. Squeeze your breasts a little with your palms on your nipples. Then move the right hand clockwise while moving the left hand counterclockwise. The fingertips meet in the middle. Repeat this exercise for a few seconds.

5. Now move to the side of your boobs (The nipples are free now ;)

  • First, your palm moves from the sides to the center. Again the fingertips meet in the middle. It's a smooth movement without pressing.
  • Run the tip of your fingers (not your thumb) across your chest, closing the entire circle.
  • Again, start with your palm from side to center and repeat this a few times, as many times as feels comfortable for you.

Do this for a few laps and then change direction. Finally, freestyle them a little and shake them out. Let them dance!

Then hold them again and thank yourself for giving your breasts love and relaxation. Here you can learn more about erogenous zones.

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