Das Wundermittel Orgasmus

The miracle cure orgasm

There are now countless articles on the Internet about orgasm. It doesn't matter whether it's about reaching an orgasm or the best way to do it. Perhaps it is therefore also very interesting to know what positive side effects the climax can have. Because there are not too few of them. The good thing about it is that it doesn't matter whether you're with a partner or alone, the effects are exactly the same. We have this super interesting one Artikel found and immediately taken as inspiration.

Without going too far, let's get started right away.


1. Chill.

While you may no longer hear this sentence in young people, it fits here quite well. It has now even been scientifically proven that an orgasm can have a relaxing effect. The hormones that get into your blood automatically make you feel more relaxed. Particularly noteworthy are the endorphins.

Regular orgasms can even have a positive effect on your mental health. But it also improves your physical health, but more on that later. In short: regular orgasms make you much happier.


2. Goodbye sleep problems

Speaking of hormones - remember the endorphins well, because they help with a whole lot more.  Most importantly, they make you sleep like a baby after you climax. Endorphins have a calming and calming effect on the body. That's why you always feel so sleepy afterwards or have trouble getting up at all. For anyone with sleep problems, this info could definitely be worth something.

If you are alone and looking for a way to finally fall asleep, we would be happy to recommend one to you Rabbit Vibrator. With this you not only experience super orgasms, but you can also fall asleep perfectly afterwards.


3. The power button for your relationship

Another super interesting fact is that experiencing orgasms can strengthen your relationship. Besides the fact that they also increase your self-confidence and well-being, oxytocin also strengthens your bond with one another. Oxytocin is the so-called cuddle hormone. You can find more interesting facts about it here.

So orgasms can be the recipe for success in a relationship. To be self-confident, to feel good and every now and then a commitment push, that's all you can want. It has also been proven that thanks to the bonding hormone, partners naturally remain more faithful. 

Now let's move on to the slightly more scientific and lesser-known side effects of sexual climax. You will surely be amazed.

Pärchen am See


4. Doping for the immune system

We probably all learned at school that even intensive kissing can be a kind of oral vaccination. But an orgasm can do much more. At Wilkes University, it has now been proven that having sex twice a week can increase the antibodies immunoglobulin A and IgA by 30%. This makes the body more resistant to infections and diseases. Pretty cool right? If you want to know more about it, you're more than welcome here read.

Nice to know: In men, regular ejaculation can even significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer.


5. The natural pain reliever

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Science has also given us some exciting insights into pain reduction. The hormones oxytocin and endorphin are proven to reduce pain and relieve tension. The warmth we feel after an orgasm also comes from this cocktail of hormones. This also has a positive effect on any tension.

Here, too, sex toys can provide additional help. rod vibrators were originally intended for massages - ideal for relaxation.


6. The pinnacle of self-preservation

Finally, we don't want to deny you that orgasms can also be a fabulous health and rejuvenation cure. Bones, muscles and skin benefit immensely from the hormone cocktail of orgasm. It keeps muscles and bones healthy. In addition, the blood circulation in the skin is stimulated and thus collagen formation is boosted - which means: fewer wrinkles.

Zwei lächelnde Frauen

If you also want to train your pelvic floor muscles and want to ensure that orgasms become even more intense, you are welcome to contact us, for example Love Eggs try out.


We hope we were able to give you a good overview of the extraordinary side effects an orgasm can have. In the long run, they can actually make you healthere and more balanced, but only if you don't chase them. It can sometimes be a bit difficult for women to know how to climax. So feel free to check out this article here an.

Just try it out and see for yourself 😉.


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