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  • Date Box Squirting: Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung für Paare von OH MY! FANTASY
  • Finger Play Gel Slow Sex Verpackung (Bijoux Indiscrets)
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We love it surprisingly

For those who like to experiment:A special attraction of all of our date boxes is to try something new. Many couples love the surprise effect when opening the box for the first time. Let your imagination run wild in advance!

Spoiler alert! Do you want to know exactly?All information about the box can be found below in the text. With each Date Box you save at least 20% compared to buying it individually.

We love it individually

Choose theDate Box Variantethat suits you - as individual as your relationship. The KLASSIK, GOLD and PLATIN variants have hot adventures in store, from the entry-level package to the full-service program - what do you want?

New:Mix & Match! Rummage inShop and spice up the box according to your preferences.

We love it discreetly

Discreet packaging with a neutral sender
With you in approx. 3-5 working days
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On this date night you dive into the world ofSquirtingone. It is not about achieving pornographic performance, but quite the opposite: it is about relaxation, letting go and surrender. Squirting has become known in the last few decades, especially through porn. However, the knowledge that women can ejaculate when they are aroused is much older.

With this date box you get very practical experience to develop your squirting potential: DifferentPreparatory exercisesfor the squirting, with an exclusively compiledPlaylistfor the exercises. This is followed by a common "Warm up" and finallyStep by step instructions foralltargeted touchesto get the female fluids flowing.

The entire squirting guide is instructed bySex Coach Marianne Kreissig. The active players can do the exercises beforehand as well as during the massage itselflivewith a specially made audio file through the squirting toucheslet lead. Here is an excerpt from thatAudio for the "squirt maker"

This date guide is included in the date box in print form, and is also immediately available to you in digital form as a PDF by email.Spoiler Alert:All information about the box variants can be found in the next sections - or let us surprise you!

You just want some inspiration on the techniques first? Here is theSquirting Guide

    Date Box CLASSIC

    With theDate Box CLASSICenjoy the selected erotic accessories suitable for squirting - of course delivered discreetly:

    Finger Play Gel (Bijoux Indiscrets): Perfect for stimulating the clitoris and vulva! This kissable finger play gel is water-based with moisturizing aloe vera and the seductive scent of coconut (RRP: € 14.95)

    2in1 massage and lubricant gel(Shiatsu): This all-rounder has exquisite sliding properties and is just as suitable for massage as it is for the nude. High-quality ingredients moisturize the skin and make it silky soft for long gliding pleasure and extensive massage pleasure. Additional moisture increases the massage and gliding ability. The smooth consistency does not stick and leaves no residue. A generous 200 ml is perfect for getting the feminine fluids flowing! (RRP: € 19.95)

    Date Box GOLD

    The Date Box GOLD comes in an elegant black gift box with a magnetic closure.

    Grand finale! There is also the special version in the Date Box GOLDSquirting Glasdildo von Icicles,which makes the squirting exercises really complete. And this exclusively handcrafted glass dildo is a gem on top of that!

    The dildo is perfect for the G-spot massage, can be air-conditioned in hot or cold water and enables particularly exciting moments of pleasure. The glass is completely seamless and handmade and is characterized by its hypoallergenic properties (RRP: € 94.00)