Beziehung auffrischen: 25 Tipps für das Verliebtheits-Gefühl vom Anfang

Refresh your relationship: 25 tips to start right away

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Have you been in a relationship for a long time and now you have the feeling that you are out of breath? Are you thinking of the early days of your relationship, when you had butterflies in your stomach almost every day? Don't worry, your love never rusts. Because your partnership does not have to be bored and in the dailyRoutine smother - you can refresh your relationship. With our 25 tips for freshness kicks, you can bring back that freshly in love feeling.

Freshen up love with small changes

If you go back to the beginning of your first meeting, you can ask yourself why this attraction between you two was so intriguing to both of you. The crucial aspect here could be that you have just started to meet each other internally and externally. Each day of this new love could show a different facet of the loved one that you were very open to.

Let's fast-forward to where you are now and you'll quickly see the difference: Whereas in the past new actions and behaviors always aroused your interest, today you seem "everything". There are no more changes. You think you know your partner inside and out.

 Beziehung Auffrischen

Eroticism is an issue in every relationship

If it's over herefreshnessin a partnership, sexuality and erotic intimacy also play a major role in relationships. If you think back to the beginning, you probably feel the special atmosphere of your initial encounters again.

It shouldeven in long-term relationshipsMake room for quality time just for the two of you. This is often not always easy. Over time, eroticism often becomes routine.

If you think about it, you might find that you don't know yourself completely. On the contrary, just as you can surprise and change yourself over and over again, the other person can fascinate you anew every day.

This also and especially applies to erotic aspects, even if you have to work on it a bit. While at the very beginning of a contact theerotic attractionalmost automatically in relationships with a corresponding sympathy between two people, this is not always the case later. Here, too, it is about small changes and deviations from routine.

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Erotik ist wichtig in der Partnerschaft


  • was the last time you spent a weekend away and just the two of you as a couple?
  • did you really try to create an erotic and seductive atmosphere last time?

You may have used torole playing gespielt, which gave you both a lot of pleasure. You can also use it to refresh your relationship. There is no reason not to engage in such activities. Rather, they may be an integral part of your love life.

To onerelationship and loveto revitalize, it can also be important thatFantasiesand to accept other people's ideas and to get involved with something that you would not have thought of yourself.

So frischst du deine Beziehung auf

Refresh your relationship - 25 tips that you can incorporate directly into everyday life and get started right away

Here we summarize 25 helpful tips for you that can immediately refresh your partnership and make it more interesting:

  1. Create space and time for (erotic) encounters - and yes, we are fans of planned onesDate Nights!
  2. The babysitter is your love's friend.
  3. Bring new onesFantasien into your life - in life and in sex. Break new ground together.
  4. Develop your own interests that make you (again) interesting.
  5. Create a common vision. Forging goals together creates a bond. It is important that the project is equally important to both of you, only then will it strengthen the bond
  6. Calm down! Everyday stress that arises outside of the partnership can put a great strain on the partnership. You are more irritable than necessary, constantly under time pressure and hardly have time for tenderness. So: Ommmm…. How about a sabbatical together as a break from stress?
  7. Be thankful! You can be thankful for beautiful experiences as well as for little things from everyday life
  8. Organize a surprise, that's how you get out of the routine of your rituals
  9. Show yourself that you are proud of each other, praise does so much good and not only strengthens each other but also revitalizes the relationship!
  10. Explore unknown places together, a spontaneous trip to the mountains, sailing or even adventurous ones like underground passages or old cemeteries.
  11. Variety is the order of the day in eroticism: how about dirty talk or a new outfit? Eroticism also lives onunusual places.
  12. Have 2+2 conversations more often, so meet up with other couples more often: Exchanging ideas about emotional topics strengthens the connection to your partner.
  13. Support and develop each other, because passion always has something to do with the unknown - that's how it stays exciting
  14. Have sex spontaneously: Sounds more like a men's tip, but something often comes up, although it's always good when it comes to that. But often you don't find each other so easily. So, just sit on your partner`s lap and start kissing and see what happens.
  15. live out a new role: show your wild side again - maybe you're playing in a band (again)?
  16. A new dance class together or a common hobby can make a difference for your love.
  17. Give a common Tantra Course for your birthday.
  18. Treat yourselves to an activity for two: how about a climbing course, a rafting tour or even a visit to a Formula 1 race?
  19. Pretend you're meeting today for the first time. What would you say? What would you wear?
  20. Flirt again and be seductive - especially with your sweetheart, but also with someone else when your sweetheart is there.
  21. Compliment your sweetheart on the way he looks - especially when you have never done it before.
  22. Change the "How was your day?" ritual, and replace it with questions like: What's on your mind most today? What made you laugh?
  23. Relationships thrive on dynamism – change your daily routine. Today we don't cook together at 7:30 p.m., but relax and watch a great film with the burger that was delivered - and that in the middle of the week.
  24. Make a funny joke and make the other person laugh when they're not expecting it.
  25. Tell and show your sweetheart how much you like sleeping with him.

Love also means seeing the other (again and again) with new eyes

To reinvigorate your love again and again – that may be the eternal credo of your partnership. This process never ends in relationships. Ideally, one or the other will always set new impulses for love. Above all, look at your partner every day anew. Do not lose sight of the other person and their peculiarities.

If you keep an open mind and keep letting him surprise you, you don't always have to do much more. The loving look at the other provides the necessary freshness and lightness.

If you liked the article and you have good ideas what to do as a couple, then write it in the comments 🙂

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