Schluss mit Routine im Bett: Tipps für mehr Abwechslung im Liebesleben

No more routine in bed: tips for more variety in your love life

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It doesn't matter if you already have experience with OH MY! FANTASY, are a newbie or just looking around: We have put together three hot little tips against routine in your love life, for morevarietyin bed.

1. Get rid of the "how was your day honey" routine

It's so easy to fall into the same conversational habits...although more interesting topics and the key toDiscover secret fantasieswaiting for you right here, you just have to let it happen! Join OH MY! FANTASY on your personal, sensual journey of discovery to the source of your lust. The best thing about it: you decide when you want to discover what and how! The best thing to do is take a quiet moment and look through all our date nights together - what have you always wanted to try? Not only can you learn more about your secret fantasies, but you can also make sure that you order the date box that suits you.

To find out which Date Box to start with, get oursfree Yes! No! Perhaps? Guideand go through it together. That alone is a sizzling date night.


2. Take risks and try new things

If there is something that is a clear no-go for you, that is completely normal and understandable. Knowing where your limits are is an important part of your sexual exploration journey. Take the time to ask yourself why something is a no go for you. Is it because you're embarrassed or worried your partner won't like it? Did someone tell you it was bad or rude (or just didn't like it)? If you consciously take the time to find out where your set limits come from, it may be that there is no clearly comprehensible reason for it. If so, you could be missing out on an exciting experience (or preventing your partner from experiencing something they've been wanting for a long time).

Many couples are initially hesitant to try something new, but our experience shows that it always pays off and enriches the relationship. So, dare, practice dirty talk, wear the outfit you've never dared to wear! You will be surprised how much fun it is to slip into a new role.

A perfect starting point for any couple planning their first OH MY! FANTASY Date Night is our intro box: the heart of ourIntro-Date Boxare two questionnaires that will get you talking about fun, sexy, and lewd secrets that you may not have known about each other. And that is just the beginning! We certainly only cover a small part of the topics of conversation. Use this evening as a stepping stone and keep asking each other regular questions (ranging from vanilla to spicy) about something you've always wanted to know about each other. So you can quickly turn a "meh" date night into an unforgettable one.

3. Nobody is perfect - Practice makes perfect

Many couples think that if everything doesn't go perfectly in bed, the relationship is in direct jeopardy - WRONG! If something doesn't immediately lead to a standing ovation in bed, don't immediately turn over and pretend nothing happened. It's clear that not every new experience in bed can be perfect right from the start - even for the pros. 😉

In fact, that's one of the reasons we put the exact scenarios for both partners in every date box. The date guides contain precise tips for the mindset, lovingly illustrated techniques, tips for preparation and ambience, and even playlists with which you can add music to your date night. If everything goes well, you get the credits. If it doesn't work out as perfectly as planned, you can complain to us. So, once you've discovered date night, don't be afraid to be honest about what worked for you and what you wouldn't do again.

For example, you may find that it feels unnatural and silly for you to use aRollenspiel play Or you find that you don't want your hands tied as tightly at an angle but you generally like the direction it's going. With honest feedback on how you can improve a new experience for both of might have a completely different experience the next time you play together.

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