Gelungene Kommunikation in der Beziehung

Successful communication in the relationship

So that communication in the relationship succeeds, it is important that both sides are open to working on communication. Because relationships fail because of a lack of or insincere communication. And admittedly, communication between two individuals isn't always easy either. Both bring their own experiences, values and views to the relationship. This is where disagreements can easily arise.

But when can you? communication in the relationship actually consider successful?


How can communication succeed in the relationship?

In the relationship, both should feel comfortable and be able to develop freely. And exactly when this state occurs, is the communication in the relationship also succeeded.

If both manage to create an environment in which you can talk freely about your thoughts, feelings, worries and desires, then communication will succeed. Now comes the slightly "annoying" part of the whole thing. Unfortunately, successful communication in the relationship not a final goal that you just achieve and it stays forever. It is much more of a continuous process, because both partners have to open up to it again and again and work on communication.

Gelungene communication in the relationship

What do you do when communication is difficult?

Communication is one of the most difficult interpersonal things there is, because if we don't communicate with each other, we can't know what the other person needs or wants from us. Incidentally, the same applies the other way around.

To counteract a lack of communication, there are many ways to solve it. In addition to verbal communication - which many people find difficult - there is also non-verbal communication. So if it's not easy for you to express what you're feeling, you can try a gesture. For example, if you feel gratitude but find it difficult to express it, you can write a letter and text the words to your partner.

To keep improving communication, you can also download apps, buy games or date night boxes. the Date Night Box from relationship friends, for example, has 50 date nights ready, where you can get to know your partner better in a playful way and improve communication.

In any case, one thing is certain: those who regularly work on their own communication have a better chance of being understood. The chance increases that this makes you feel more connected and the relationship becomes more intimate.


The ultimate help for successful communication in the relationship

Anyone who is in a relationship should think about the language of their partner's love. The language of love describes how one likes to have love expressed. And here there is a direct link to communication. Which? Let's go into that in more detail now. There are 5 languages of love:

  1. praise and recognition
  2. togetherness
  3. Gifts/courtesy from the heart
  4. willingness to help
  5. tenderness

praise and recognition

When the language of love is praise and appreciation, then it's incredibly important to honor your partner's actions and acknowledge them openly and honestly. A few examples of how to express praise and appreciation in a relationship:

  • "I think it's great how you put yourself into it and work on your goals."
  • "You did wonderfully. You must be exhausted. As a sign of appreciation, I'll take care of the household today."
  • "Your performance is really worthy of all honor. I hope you know I can see how hard you're trying."
  • "Thank you for always helping me. I don't know anyone who is as helpful as you."

Gelungene Kommunikation in der Beziehung



Even with togetherness as the language of love, communication can be adapted to express appreciation for the time spent together. In addition, this is largely about non-verbal communication. This can look like this:

  • Deliberately Time for physical closeness grant
  • Plan a quiet dinner with different deep topics of conversation
  • Talking about old memories while cuddling tightly
  • Spend carefree time together without being pressed for time

Gifts/courtesy from the heart

This is not about giving the other person expensive clothes, bags or the like, but rather about the small but nice touches, because they can work wonders. Examples of great attention that expresses love.

  • Bringing home your favorite food after a difficult day
  • A little thing that your partner loves more than anything
  • Something your partner mentioned recently and you picked it up by listening carefully
  • Something that connects you both and just reminds you of a great time

Gelungene Kommunikation in der Beziehung


willingness to help

The title already suggests it: This language of love is about either being offered help or offering help to your partner whenever possible. Examples for this are:

  • "May I help you? I can see you're struggling with that."
  • "I'd love to help you."
  • "I would like to do that for you, then you can relax a little."


Tenderness is also about a kind of successful Kommunikation in der Beziehung. This is usually about non-verbal communication. Examples of tenderness, as the language of love:

  • Give a familiar, gentle kiss on the forehead and radiate intimacy
  • A gentle massage
  • Gently stroke your back

Gelungene Kommunikation in der Beziehung


Diverse communication in the relationship

The 5 love languages have made it clear: communication has many facets and can happen in different ways. One thing is communication in any case: an indicator for the success of a relationship.

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