18 Tipps für besser Küssen

Kiss better: 18 hot tips and techniques

You want to become a kissing expert? Then you've come to the right place - because kissing properly has to be learned! We'll show you 18 different kissing tips and techniques that will help you learn how to kiss better.  This is the ultimate guide on how to kiss with passion and intensity to show the person how much you really like and love them. It's best to try it out right away and melt away.

If you do it right, you can be sure that you will get it back more than twice! The article is written from the perspective of "she" kisses "him" - but of course applies to all constellations! So let's start kissing better right away:

Roter Kussmund auf weißem Hintergrund

1. The Hello Kiss

Saying hello with a kiss is probably the most obvious thing you can do to your partner. There are many different techniques you can use to give your partner a hello kiss, but a quick kiss on the lips while hugging them is highly recommended.

Another way to say "hello" is to gently press his lower lip between your lips while slowly pulling away from him. Yummy!

2. Kisses on the neck

Your partner's neck is a super sensitive, erogenous region, and it's a big area. So the next time you kiss, just move your lips to his neck. It's very easy to include the neck in a kiss.

Gently press your lips together and suck on a small area of the neck for a second or two. Then move slightly up or down and kiss another area nearby. You can also mix in a little licking when you're not sucking on the neck.

If you want to kink it up a bit while kissing the neck, you can apply a little more pressure while sucking on his neck to give him a hickey. Another super technique is to bite VERY gently on the neck and hold the skin between your teeth. You should feel your partner breathing a little faster than normal when you do this!

3. Kisses while lying down 

You know that wonderful feeling when your partner takes the initiative to kiss you? It's hot that he takes control. However, it's definitely mutual: he likes it just as much when you take the initiative and start kissing him. Annoyingly, though, it can be difficult to be the one to co-initiate the kiss when your partner is taller than you.

Luckily, there's a really simple way to kiss him or her much more easily and naturally. The next time you're lying together, position yourself so that you're lying on your partner's chest. From here, it's really easy and feels natural to move up and face him. Then all you have to do is lean forward to kiss. With a stimulating lip gloss, your kisses will be even more intense - bet that...?

Viele rosa Kussmünder auf weißem Hintergrund

4. Kisses against a wall

Hugging while kissing is very hot, of course...but there's a move that's a bit more passionate than just hugging. The next time you kiss your partner in a place where there is a wall (like your room), try to press him against it and lean against him/her so that he stays pressed against the wall.

This is a pretty dominant move that will turn him on a lot more...especially if you wouldn't normally do something like this. So if you want to be a little more aggressive than usual, try kissing him against a wall after pressing him against it.

5. The forhead kiss

There's something very soothing about the feeling of kissing your partner on the forehead (or him kissing you on the forehead). So it's probably not the best kissing technique to get started with if you want to be super passionate. But if your partner is tired or upset, it might be the perfect solution.

6. Let yourself be kissed

You are worried about what to do while kissing your partner? You don't know what to do with lips, tongue, mouth and hands? Don't worry. He will most likely have the same thoughts. The perfect antidote is to let your partner do all the work. That's right! Just sit back, relax, and let him kiss you while you enjoy it.

If you feel like he's been active a little too long, all you have to do is mimic him and kiss him back the same way you were kissed. So if he massaged your lips with his, do it back the same way. If he licked, sucked and kissed your neck, then do the same to him. Easy.

Roter Kussmund Lippen auf Hintergrund

7. The French Kiss - Hot French Kiss

No article about kissing would be complete without a word about French kissing! Hot French kissing is the perfect way to really show your sweetheart how passionate you are. Instead of just sticking your tongue down his throat and swirling it around like a washing machine, it's actually much more seductive to slow things down and almost tease while you kiss.

Start by sticking your tongue out a little and then use it to gently massage and caress his lips. Your partner should get the hint and will do the same. Once he opens his mouth a little and sticks out his tongue, you can start massaging it with yours.

Try alternating between massaging his tongue with yours and massaging his lips with your tongue for a few seconds, then have him do the same with his tongue to you while you make sure to mix in regular kisses as well. That's really all!

8. Kissing after a long eye contact

Most of these kissing tips describe exactly what you can do with your partner "physically" that is, physically. By "physical" in this context, it means that there are tips on what you can do with your lips, tongue, teeth, and hands. That's all important, but how you make him feel is just as important.

An excellent way to show him how much you love him is to first make deep eye contact for a few seconds before you kiss him. Now, this isn't something you can force if you feel like it. You should really wait until the time is right. When it is, you'll know.

It's also something you should use very sparingly. The less you use this technique, the more powerful it will be when you do use this kissing technique. It's a bit counterintuitive, but the desire for it gets stronger the less you do it.

9. Kisses from behind

It's very sexy and even a little submissive when your partner hugs you from behind and you lean back to kiss him. He can even help guide you by putting his hand on the back of your neck. This is another one of those techniques that works best when it's not forced, but only when it feels right.

Viele rote Kussmünder auf weißem Hintergrund

10. Carresing while kissing

Massaging your partner's scalp or hugging him is not the only thing you can do with your hands while kissing. Don't forget to run your hands all over his body... the chest, the back, the arms, the shoulders, and don't forget the butt! This is fine when you're both in a private place. But when you're both naked in bed, it's much more intimate and fun!

11.  Kisses when you're happy

Sharing a kiss with your partner when you are happy is a beautiful thing, a very nice moment with him to become more intimate. Maybe you joke or you both laugh about something that happened recently. If it comes up and feels right, just lean in and give him a quick kiss. Don't try to force it or do it too often. The key is to keep it natural. If you feel like it's getting awkward or unnatural, just wait a bit.

12. Kisses when it is windy and cold

Kissing your partner always in the same places gets boring very quickly, especially if it is always private or always in a predictable place. Therefore, try kissing your partner when it's windy and cold. It's so unexpected, but at the same time there's something incredibly soothing and warm about it. There is really nothing more to say about it. Try it and see for yourself.

Kussmund Wasserfarben rosa-rot

13. Play with ear

Your partner's ear (especially the earlobe) is incredibly sensitive and an erogenous zone at that! It's often even more sensitive than the lips. A unique way to enhance the sensation of kissing is to gently play with the earlobe with your fingers while you kiss him.

Instead of just randomly reaching for the ear while kissing, it will seem more natural if you first hold his neck in your hands and then move your fingers to the ear and start playing with the earlobe. It will also feel much more natural to play with just one of the earlobes instead of both at the same time.

14. Sucking the earlobe

Your partner's ear should not be the only subject of this article, but here's a tip about it. The earlobe is very sensitive, so he will definitely appreciate it if you pay a lot of attention to this part of his body.

A really gentle way to stimulate the earlobe is to gently suck on it with your lips. Then, when you're done, press it gently between your lips and slowly pull it away so that it's pulled through your lips. Another option is to use your teeth and do the exact same thing. Remember to apply only very light pressure when doing this. Don't be surprised if your partner shakes with pleasure!

15. Kuss an einem öffentlichen Platz

Seinen Partner an einem öffentlichen Ort zu küssen ist nichts, mit dem sich jeder wohl fühlt, aber vielleicht willst du es zumindest einmal probieren. Dabei ist nicht die Rede von einer Bar oder einem Club, sondern wirklich von irgendwo im Freien, wie auf einer Straße oder in einem Einkaufszentrum.

Manche Leute wissen gar nicht, dass ihnen die Vorstellung gefällt, andere Leute könnten sehen, wie sie sich gegenseitig küssen - bis sie es tatsächlich versuchen. Wer weiß, vielleicht bist du auch jemand von dieser Sorte?!

Kussmund auf weißem Hemdkragen Mann

16. Kuss mit Zärtlichkeit

Wenn dein Partner müde ist, sich niedergeschlagen fühlt oder einfach keine gute Laune hat, wird er wahrscheinlich nicht so gut darauf reagieren, wenn du ihn super leidenschaftlich küsst. Eine viel bessere Art ihn in dieser Situation zu küssen ist, ihm zu zeigen, dass er dir wichtig ist. Zärtlich zu küssen wird genau das erreichen. Ein zärtlicher Kuss ist ganz einfach, massiere einfach sanft seine Lippen zwischen deinen, küsse ihn auf die Wange und berühre oder umarme ihn.

17. Kopfhaut beim Kuss einbeziehen

„Was soll ich mit meinen Händen machen, wenn ich küsse?“ Die einfachste Antwort ist, ihn einfach zu umarmen, indem du deine Hände um ihn legst. Aber das kann mit der Zeit etwas langweilig werden. Eine viel leidenschaftlichere Art, deine Hände zu benutzen, besteht darin, seine Kopfhaut zu massieren und sanft zu kratzen, insbesondere am Hinterkopf.

Es ist supersensibel und fühlt sich wunderbar an, wenn die Kopfhaut gerieben, gestreichelt, massiert und gekratzt wird. Also, wenn du ihn das nächste Mal küsst, probiere es aus, dein Partner wird es lieben. Nach einer Weile nimm einfach seine Hand und lege sie auf deine Kopfhaut. Die Rückseite deiner Kopfhaut ist mit Abstand am empfindlichsten. Die meisten werden instinktiv wissen, was von hier aus zu tun ist.

Kussmund Leidenschaft

18. Küsse mit Leidenschaft 

Hoffentlich gefallen dir all diese Tipps zum Küssen. Ein Fehler, den viele oft machen, nachdem sie eine Liste mit sexy Tipps gelesen haben, ist, dass sie sie einfach wie Regeln anwenden. Sie denken, sie sollten jeden Kuss-Tipp einmal ausprobieren und alle Tipps der Reihe nach - oder so ähnlich.

Aber das ist überhaupt nicht heiß oder sexy. Es wird deinen Partner denken lassen, dass er einen emotionslosen Roboter küsst! Ein viel besserer Weg, zu küssen, besteht darin, erst einmal einen oder zwei dieser Tipps auszuprobieren und dann einfach das zu tun, was sich richtig und gut anfühlt. Dies wird zu einem viel leidenschaftlicheren Küssen führen, bei dem du einfach genießt, was du tust und sich im Moment verlierst, anstatt dass du dir Gedanken darüber machst, was als nächstes zu tun ist.

Nutze also jede dieser Kuss-Techniken als grobe Anleitung, nicht als starre Regeln, die zu befolgen sind. Du wirst feststellen, dass es sich sehr natürlich anfühlt und es viel einfacher ist, deinen Partner mit Leidenschaft zu küssen.

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