Drei heiße Variationen der klassischen Sexstellungen

Sex Positions: Variations on the Classics

You want to bring more variety into your love life? Or have you just not found the optimal position with your partner that you both like? With these three variations from our Date Box position games you keep things exciting in the bedroom.

What are the most common sex positions?

 The list of different sex positions is long and everyone has their favorite. The most popular sex positions are missionary position and riding position as well as sex in doggy position. Most return to the ever-popular classics after trying some acrobatic contortions once. 

Of course, there's nothing wrong with sticking to a few favorite sex positions. But as beautiful as these positions are, sometimes a little pinch of pepper is missing. The change from and the curiosity for other positions in bed promotes intimacy in the partnership and your own sexual journey of discovery.

With our date box position games easily bring pepper into your lovemaking in a playful way!

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Orgasm Ahoy: Climax with the right position

For many, orgasms are the ultimate in sex. And preferably both together! The bad news: Unfortunately, men have a much better chance than women. It depends on many factors whether we reach orgasm during lovemaking. But we can reveal this much: The right position can help.

Luckily, you don't need to learn the contortions of the Kama Sutra to have exciting new experiences. To identify a good position, ask yourself three questions:

  • How deep can a man penetrate the vagina with his penis?
  • Is the pelvis well supplied with blood?
  • Are the legs in a comfortable position?

See what hot new experiences you can have with a few variations here and there, and which variations women have a particularly good time with (and a pretty good chance of orgasm). 

Paar Stellung


Favorite Position: Rider

In the rider position he lies on his back while she sits on top of him and takes the lead.

Some women are unsure whether their movements please him. The following applies to her: Try to let your doubts go, close your eyes and concentrate on what you are feeling, feel the desire in you and allow yourself to live it out to the fullest - whether your stomach is flat or not.

In this position he can see and admire your excitement. For him it should be said: Show your partner that you find her sexy. Squeeze her breasts and move your pelvis to her rhythm.

Variation: Rider backwards

How does this work? In this position, she simply sits upside down on the saddle, facing away.

What's the benefit? In this position she determines the pace and intensity herself, above all the new alignment stimulates the G-spot (or rather the G-zone) more. She can feel sexy and calmly knead her breasts. For him, the view doesn't get any better: He can admire his partner's buttocks while riding and put his hands around her hips.

There are more variations in the date box position games.

Favorite Position: Missionary

The missionary position is considered a classic. She is lying on her back and he is lying over her. This position offers a lot of closeness and intimacy. You can make them particularly sexy with the help of a love pillow under your bottom or by tensing your pelvic floor muscles.

Variation: Viennese oyster


This variant makes "the mission" even hotter.

How does this work? She lies on her back and rests both her legs on his shoulders or simply wraps them around his back. He kneels in front of her, straightens up a bit or leans towards her.

What's the benefit? The penis can enter the vagina at a different angle, stimulating different pleasure points. Because of the angle, this sex position can get pretty intense and go as deep as you like.

More variations are available in the date box position games, with lovely drawings and lots of creativity, how you can experience exciting new positions without the contortions of the Kamasutra. 


Favorite position: Doggy

In the doggy position, she kneels in front of him on all fours. Some women find this impersonal and a little too deep. With a few tricks, the position can be transformed from a porn classic into an erotic "must do". He can start at a gentle pace here while whispering in her ear. If she tilts her pelvis slightly forward, she can control how deep he penetrates.

Variant: Lowered

This is how sex from behind becomes particularly attractive:

How does this work? In this sex position, she lies on her stomach and simply lowers herself onto her forearms instead of onto her palms. He leans over her and slides his penis into her from behind.

What's the benefit? In this position he can penetrate her deeply and you'll enjoy a whole new angle of sex. A love pillow under the hips is also great here.

More new positions for your date night


There are more variations in the date box position gamesThe date night scenario contains detailed instructions for preparation and "dry runs" before moving on to hot variations for classic positions


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