Sex am Strand: Das musst du wissen

Sex on the beach - 5 myths in F*cktencheck

Warm temperatures, white sand, gentle waves:Sex on the beach - in our imagination, this is pure romance, wild passion, a must for a holiday by the sea and so popular that even a cocktail was named after this adventure. But is Sex on the Beach really as hot in reality as we imagine? We\'ll do the f**k check and debunk the myth: Is sex on the beach the perfect holiday scenario or are there nicer things you can do together instead?

Sex am Strand

5 myths about sex on the beach in F*cktencheck

1. Myth: Sex on the beach is romantic

Well - there are here fantasy and then the reality: although the sound of the waves, cozy togetherness and ideally a pink to purple-colored sky feels wonderfully romantic in our imagination, reality often looks different. Sunset time is rarely experienced alone, let alone deserted stretches of beach. Sunset is usually the time when many tourists go for a relaxing walk after dinner. If you find a place where you can be undisturbed, then there are annoying mosquitoes, sand fleas and itchy bites that can thwart the adventure of sex on the beach - because the six-legged tormentors love the twilight.

The truth is, when having sex on the beach, you have to hurry to avoid getting caught. There is hardly any time for intimate kisses and instead of looking deep into each other\'s eyes, you look left and right in panic to see if someone is passing by. If you lie directly on the shore - in the imagination the body is gently enveloped by warm waves - it washes sand in every opening, salt water in your eyes and it\'s cold too. Instead of making love under the starry sky, it\'s more likely to be in and out quickly with panic on the back of your neck. Anyone who experienced it differently can consider themselves lucky...

2. Myth: Doing something forbidden is appealing

The fear of being caught having sex on the beach is considered a special kick. Sex on the beach or in public is forbidden. And getting caught is just embarrassing – in some cases it can even have serious consequences. Germany is one of the stricter European countries: if you are caught here or if a complaint is made (for "indecency in public") you can face a fine, if caught by the police, even a prison sentence of up to one year. In other countries, a love affair that is reported can be even more expensive or face long-term imprisonment. Maybe in some holiday countries the sex on the beach should remain just a cocktail...

  • Spain:A fine of up to €75,000 is possible
  • Greece & Italy:theoretically up to 2 years imprisonment
  • Thailand: Fines & a re-entry ban threatens
  • Egypt & Dubai: Intimacy in public not allowed!Even kissing in public can mean a prison sentence
  • Malaysia:naked bodies are taboo in public! BUp to 20 years imprisonment and flogging threaten here, even skinny dipping is punished
  • In Canada, Bulgaria & Scandinavia you can get away with a warning

Umgebung Sex am Strand

3. Myth: Sex on the beach is spontaneous

Not correct! Sex on the beach is by no means spontaneous. What looks so wild, passionate and spontaneous in love films actually requires good preparation.

  • Surroundings: Look at you It is best to check the area beforehand to find a quiet place for your adventure. A bay surrounded by rocks or a section of beach with loungers or beach chairs that offer some privacy is ideal. Or simply set up your own beach shelter.
  • condoms: Must be if you don\'t want to experience a romantic tryst on the shore with your permanent partner, but with a new holiday flirt! But who always has them with them?
  • Blanket or other underlay: The bigger the better! Without a pad, making love wildly in the sand is anything but hot. In addition, the sand is often damp and cold at night and sticks particularly strongly to the skin. You should also be careful not only not to get the sand in your eyes and ears, but above all not in your private parts. Even the smallest granules in the vagina have the effect of sandpaper and can cause really uncomfortable friction there or damage the condom.

4. Myth: Sex on the beach is pure sensuality

The ideal of sex on the beach: Warm, powdery, fine sand that trickles sensually over your body while you passionately attack each other - so far so good. But which holiday really takes us to the Caribbean? Most of the time we end up on the popular Mediterranean or Atlantic coast, and it\'s often full of rocky and pebbly beaches. Here you need a really thick towel or a pad to lie comfortably and also to cushion stronger movements.

If you plan to have sex on the beach at lunchtime, you should be aware that sweltering heat can also be a problem. When the midday sun bangs on your head and skin, you can not only get an unsightly sunburn - the sand also becomes a hot stovetop. We therefore recommend sex positions with as little body and sand contact as possible - such as doggy style or standing up. Be sure to look for something to lean on (a wall or a beach chair), otherwise it can quickly become uncomfortable and the fast number can become a strenuous effort.

Sex on the Beach


5. Myth: Having sex in water is safe

Sex in the sea is often romanticized. The idea of water pearls on your skin and the feeling of weightlessness under your feet is seductive - however, romantic lovemaking by and in the sea has its pitfalls!

  • Swell: When the waves are strong, it is better not to get into the water. If you're distracted by your hot lovemaking, you can quickly drift off shore or the current will pull the rug out from under your feet.
  • Prevention: Yes, even if you have sex in the water you have to use contraception and no, salt water does not kill sperm. If semen is in the water without vaginal intercourse, pregnancy is unlikely. Unfortunately, condoms are useless in water. They can slip or become porous.
  • Sea Life: Not only fish live in the water, but also bacteria. Sex in water therefore always involves a risk of infection because germs can get into the vagina. Especially women who are prone to fungal infections should be careful.
  • Jellyfish danger: In addition to bacteria, jellyfish can also disrupt love adventures in the sea. Although touching a stinging jellyfish is not always dangerous, it is very painful. First Aid: Wash affected area with salt water and apply vinegar. Then cool.
  • Lubricious: One might think that in the water everything automatically slides into one another. Wrong thought! Water may be moist, but it is far from being a lubricant! The opposite is true: Water washes away vaginal moisture, which can cause uncomfortable friction. Small, calm movements are better.

Alternatives to sex on the beach

All right, sex on the beach is overrated. So don`t worry if you've never had one before, you "only" had fun in bed on your last vacation and the upcoming vacation promises little prospect of that either. We have a few tips on where you can experience great sex on vacation. This is just as exciting but a lot less stressful than the beach.

  • In the countryside: Outside too, but it doesn't always have to be a sandy beach! A bike ride in the countryside or a hike in the mountains offers many opportunities to be undisturbed. The grass is soft, a patch of forest offers good privacy and there are not hundreds of tourists crowded together on a mountain peak.
  • Balcony or terrace: Also outside, but not visible to everyone: The hotel balcony or the terrace in front of the holiday apartment are ideal for sex under the starry sky.
  • Hotel bed: Enjoy your lovemaking in a new environment: The advantages of a comfortable, freshly made but unfamiliar bed. Break through your own bed routine e.g. by trying new positions that the strange bed offers you - maybe it has a different height or a few bedposts to hold on to?
  • Shower: Try the hotel shower together and have a wet snd merry  time without the danger of too high waves or strange sea creatures. 
  • Sex on the beach: And sometimes the cocktail of the same name is just what you need... Recipe: 4 cl vodka, 2 cl peach liqueur, 2 cl lemon juice, 4 cl orange juice, 2 cl cranberry juice and crushed ice – Cheers!

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