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Yoni Love - Love yourself with relish and fulfillment

Yoni Love - Love yourself with relish and fulfillment

Alexandra Wennmacher

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Do you actually know what your yoni looks like?
Have you ever really looked at your yoni in the mirror?
And do you know what touches she likes?
Do you respect their limits and their needs?

Your yoni is so much more than just a body part.
Your yoni is your sacred temple. The gateway to the universe. Through them all life is born.
Your yoni is the center of your feminine power.

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It is the connection to your femininity, the seat of your creativity and sexual energy.
She is infinitely powerful, magical, patient and beautiful.
And she wants so much to be heard, seen and loved by you.♥️

Getting to know and love your yoni is an incredibly healing and powerful path. It will help you heal and love yourself, your body, your femininity and sexuality.

If you strengthen the connection to her, you also strengthen yourself and your access to your primal feminine power. A wonderful step on your way to unconditional self-love.

Your Yoni Love Story

  • Live your sexuality that fills your soul
  • Experience sexuality easily and naturally
  • Know your needs and desires
  • Communicate your wishes clearly and with ease
  • Have a sexual love affair with yourself
  • Enjoy touching and loving yourself
  • Have a wonderful and loving relationship with your body
  • Feel more fun and pleasure in sex
  • Feel more energy in your life
  • Live full of joy, strength and self-confidence

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What's waiting for you

Chapter 1: Your radiant sexuality
Experience how beautiful your sexuality can really be. Receive a radiant picture of your future that will attract and guide you over the next few weeks. Your very personal north star.

Chapter 2: Free yourself
Get rid of all the feelings and beliefs that inhibit and block you during sex. Let go of fears, shame and the pressure of expectations and open yourself to a natural flow of your sexual energy.

Chapter 3: Selflove & Bodylove
Learn to love your body and yourself.
Feel comfortable in your naked body and learn to be loving and appreciative with it. When you learn to love your body, your body begins to shine from within. Live to the rhythm of your feminine nature in harmony with the phases of your cycle.

Chapter 4: Yoni Love
Your yoni is more than just a body part. Connect with your yoni and start a love relationship with her. Heal their wounds of the past and bring them back to their divine radiance.

Kapitel 5: Self Pleasure
A fulfilled sexuality starts with yourself. Embark on a sensual journey of discovery of your own sexuality. Experience Self Pleasure as something completely natural, pleasurable and fulfilling. Explore your body and learn to touch and caress yourself with joy.

Chapter 6: Your divine temple
Your yoni is more than just a body part - it is a divine temple.
Experience a whole new approach to your sexuality and your yoni - something that will change your sexuality forever. Activate the divinity of your yoni with a powerful ritual.

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  • Over 2 hours of video footage
  • Guided exercises and rituals to heal your yoni and free your sexuality as audio
  • 5 unique hypnosis - specially designed for Yoni Love
  • Written assignments for self-enquiry and clarification
  • Daily support meditations

Come with me on this journey

Do you already experience your sexuality as something wonderful, easy, pleasurable, free?
And can you look at your naked body in the mirror with love?
Can you touch yourself freely and joyfully?
Do you know what you like, how you want to be touched, handled and caressed?
Do you know your "nos" and your limits?
Can you surrender, let go and enjoy?

  • What if sexuality is the basis of deep, true self-love?
  • What if "truly knowing you in your sexuality" means accepting and loving you completely?
  • What if your sexuality is the biggest key to your freedom

Embark on perhaps the most important journey of your life with Yoni Love. The journey to yourself. The journey to a loving relationship with yourself, your body and your yoni.

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Alexandra's path has led her to what she is now able to share with other women with all her heart. She rejected herself, her body, her femininity and sexuality for many years. Most of the time, sex was perceived as exhausting, pressurized and stressful. Alexandra would like to take you on her own journey with YONI LOVE and show you a way that shows you that sexuality is something wonderful, light, magical and natural.

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