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Holy Waters – The G-Spot Masterclass

Hallo Yoni

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Few topics are surrounded by as many myths as the G-spot and female ejaculation. Does the G-spot really exist? Does every woman* have it? Can every woman* ejaculate? Is it really urine?

The subject is not that unusual. Historical records show that even in ancient times the "Amrita", i.e. the female ejaculate, had the reputation of being the elixir of life, which courageous warriors drank before going into battle because it gave them special powers.

And while that may not be realistic anymore, one thing we can say for sure is that every person who was born with a vulva/vagina has a G-spot and is able to ejaculate. Yes, he eats. The G-spot tissue is part of our female genital anatomy like the vulva or the clitoris. And it can give us the greatest pleasure if we learn to awaken it and tap into it.

What you get in the workshop:

  • a comprehensive overview of the Anatomy of the G-spot and female arousal tissue

  • practical tips for immediate implementation: how to reach him, how he prefers to be touched, what to look out for and what to avoid

  • the perspective of Tantric/Taoism as well as the latest scientific knowledge

  • everything to female ejaculation: how and where it arises and how to make your fountain gush

  • instructions to try, the best tips for toys and for sex with a partner

  • guided audio exercises to open your body and explore your g-spot

When where how?

If you sign up, you will receive immediate full access to the HOLY WATERS workshops:

  • 2 hour master class
  • 1 Stunde Live Practice
  • 1 hour Q&A

plus all other materials, resources, and 4 audio exercises to get you started.

With the registration you will receive all access data automatically by e-mail to the course page where you can find the full content and materials and keep them forever.

your coach

Jenny is a female sexuality coach and mentor trained at Layla Martin's Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality. Her trauma-sensitive work in workshops, individual coaching and courses goes beyond classic conversation-based approaches and necessarily includes the body and its language.