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  • Date Box Oral Total für Paare von OH MY! FANTASY
  • Lipgloss Oral Pleasure (Bijoux Indiscrets)
  • Mouthwatering Spray (Bijoux Indiscrets)
  • Oral Pleasure Mints (Bijoux Indiscrets)
  • Cleany Weenie Intimwaschpflege (Loovara)
  • Pussy Polish Intimwaschpflege (Loovara)
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Oral Total


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We love it surprisingly

For those who like to experiment:A special attraction of all of our date boxes is to try something new. Many couples love the surprise effect when opening the box for the first time. Let your imagination run wild in advance!

Spoiler alert! Do you want to know exactly?All information about the box can be found below in the text. With each Date Box you save at least 20% compared to buying it individually.

We love it individually

Choose theDate Box Variantethat suits you - as individual as your relationship. The KLASSIK, GOLD and PLATIN variants have hot adventures in store, from the entry-level package to the full-service program - what do you want?

New:Mix & Match! Rummage inShop and spice up the box according to your preferences.

We love it discreetly

Discreet packaging with a neutral sender
With you in approx. 3-5 working days
Secure payment

Pleauring your partner with your mouth and being pleasured orally ? This is the perfect starting point for oral fantasies - one of the most beautiful sex practices of being pampered with your mouth!

This Date Box: Oral Total offers you everything you need for a completely new, oral experience: inspiration, different techniques and an audio guide.

You start with a hot shower to get into the "mood for food". You continue your pleasure outside the shower by indulging each other orally: whether he is eating her out or she is licking him like a lollypop - both of your hunger will be satisfied !

Did we increase your appetite ? Have a small appetizer and check out this audio preview of Oral Total (clicking on the link opens a new window with the audio recording).

The date guide is included in the date box in print form as a love letter, and also immediately available to you digitally as a PDF by email.

Spoiler Alert: All information about the box variants can be found in the next sections - or let us surprise you!


With theDate Box CLASSICenjoy the matching erotic accessories that will literally make your mouth water - of course, delivered discreetly:

Arousal Lip Gloss:Stimulating lip gloss with a hot-cold effect that makes your lips tingle and transfers to everything you touch (RRP: € 14.90)

Mouthwatering Spray:A few splashes on the tongue, this spray with a sensual lemon taste stimulates the production of saliva and literally makes the water run into your mouth. The wetter the better! (RRP: € 14.90)

Oral Pleasure Mints:These cooling mint drops have a stimulating effect and give him and her a tingling feeling - mjamm (RRP: € 3.95).

Mister Size trial set(53-57-60): Perfect for figuring out the exact fit in the mid-range. Pure feeling thanks to a wall thickness of only 0.05 mm, transparent & smooth - with a fine lubricating gel film (RRP: € 3.95)

Mister Sizer: With it you can find your personal condom size in seconds - for carefree and safe sex

Date Box GOLD

There is also a variantDate Box GOLDthe right accessories for the hot shower (from Loovara):

Pussy Polish(100ml): Intimate wash care foam for the vulva, spray onto the genital area, lather and rinse with warm water or remove with a dry cloth (RRP: € 9.90)

Cleany Weenie (100ml): Intimate wash care foam for the penis, with nourishing aloe vera and panthenol, foams with or without water (RRP: € 9.90)


The PLATINUM Date Box comes in an elegant black gift box with a magnetic closure.

Take your oral adventure to the next level with thePaarvibrator BE·ONEby Fun Factory. Because while your lips are busy, you have your hands free - this is where BE ONE comes into play: This turns your hand into a vibrator and provides an incredibly exciting tingling sensation: The handy pair vibrator can be held between the index and middle finger with absolutely no effort so much more than any finger vibrator. Instead of causing a finger or the entire hand to vibrate, its vibrations act specifically via two contact points (RRP: € 69.90).

Our tip:Caress, tease and indulge yourselves while indulging yourself orally. Click your way through the different vibration strengths and try out which intensity feels best where. The look? It is more reminiscent of an innovative VR tool than a sextoy for two - BE ONE is guaranteed to travel incognito even during the security check at the airport.

All information about size and material:

- Battery operated with charge level indicator
- 4 speeds & 1 random rhythm
- Size: 7cm x 2cm
- Weight: 28 g
- Battery life 60 minutes, charging time 1-2 hours
- Body-friendly materials, hypoallergenic & non-porous