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"Mushroom" lay-on vibrator & massager

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Use it right

Please only use water-based lubricant, as lubricants containing silicone would damage the high-quality silicone material.

Tip for cleaning

Simply clean this toy with water and mild soap. If you want a disinfectant cleaning, simply use a Toycleaner - we also have it!

We love it discreet

Secure payment, discreet packaging with a neutral sender, with you in approx. 3-5 working days.

Fits particularly well in the hand. Pleasant shape and soft surface


  • 10 Vibration modes. For a varied massage
  • Handy form: Lies well in the hand and reaches every spot easily
  • Soft touch surface: So soft you won't want to put it down

How do I use that Mushroom Massager?
Using the Mushroom Massager is very easy! Set the desired vibration mode on the handle and massage the area that needs the most attention.

What is special about Mushroom Massager?
The Mushroom Massager spoils you with its soft surface and pleasantly bulbous shape! In contrast to a massage stick, with this handy massager you can reach all corners of your body that would like a little more attention. The 10 modes of vibration also help relieve minor tension and much more. Let this power massager wander over your body with the handy handle or simply relinquish control.

How do I clean it Mushroom Massager?
Simply clean the vibrator with warm water and soap. If you prefer a special cleaning, we recommend cleaning with a special toy cleaner.

What do I have to do with that Mushroom Massager note?
Please only use water-based lubricant or special toy gel. Silicone-based lubricating gel can damage the soft surface.


  • Total length 9.3 cm, width 5.5 cm
  • Material: Silicon, PU, ABS