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Lay-on vibrator "Edeny"


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Use it right

Please only use water-based lubricant, as lubricants containing silicone would damage the high-quality silicone material.

Tip for cleaning

Simply clean this toy with water and mild soap. If you want a disinfectant cleaning, simply use a Toycleaner - we also have it!

We love it discreet

Secure payment, discreet packaging with a neutral sender, with you in approx. 3-5 working days.

Super quiet - discreet in lace panties (included!) portable.


  • Including lace slip: In the crotch with inserts for the lay-on vibrator - for quiet, discreet wearing and pampering! Thanks to the variable waistband with tie loop, it fits sizes S-XL
  • Ergonomic design with stimulation grooves: The small lay-on vibrator is soft and flexible and adapts perfectly to the body and intimate contours
  • 11 whisper-quiet vibration modes: For varied enjoyment
  • Controllable via app or Bluetooth: From anywhere in the world, anytime and from whoever you want
  • Waterproof: Also ideal for bathing and showering
  • Silky soft surface: Finest silicone in perfection for a pleasant feeling on the skin

How do I use that Edeny?
Simply insert Edeny into the lace briefs - you can choose between three different insertion positions so that the Edeny is non-slip and nestles perfectly against your intimate area. Some water-based lubricating gel provides the extra portion of suppleness and perfect vibration transmission. Then you start the vibrations conveniently with the app that you previously downloaded to your smartphone. Your partner can also take over the vibration control via the app. You can also play solo with the Edeny - the small, light lay-on vibrator nestles comfortably in your hand and can be wonderfully guided from lust point to lust point during your foreplays.

What is special about Edeny?
Edeny is a small, soft, vibrating power pack that is worn discreetly in the lace slip that is included and ensures an intense experience of pleasure. Especially your clitoris will be spoiled wonderfully! The 11 whisper-quiet vibration modes can be conveniently controlled via a smartphone app. You can also leave the vibration control to your partner - thanks to Long Distance Control, this works at any time and from anywhere in the world. Perfect for couples in long distance relationships! The ergonomic design with stimulation grooves adapts softly and flexibly to your intimate contours. You can also just hold it in your hand and enjoy its vibrations all over your body. Even in the bath tub or in the shower, because the Edeny is waterproof.

How do I clean it Edeny?
Simply clean the vibrator with warm water and soap. If you prefer a special cleaning, we recommend cleaning with a special toy cleaner.

What do I have to do with that Edeny note?
Please only use water-based lubricant or special toy gel. Silicone-based lubricating gel can damage the soft surface.


  • Vibrator: 9 x 3,9 x 2,5 cm. 43,8 g. Silikon, PU
  • Lace panties with variable Velcro waistband suitable for sizes S-XL. 100% polyester