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Myths about the cervix - Cervical Pleasure

The cervix is still the unknown beauty in our body. A pleasure organ that is little known and often misunderstood.

You may know it as the cervix, uterus, or cervix. Very special and for many still unknown is that the cervix a pleasure organ.
Many women/people with a cervix find the touch painful
and associate it with rather traumatic experiences, such as difficult births, traumatic operations, smears or painful sex.
Some don't even notice her, she's deaf.
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Few know the cervix as a portal to deeper dimensions of our being or even as an organ of pleasure.

She can upallmarvelously enrich the lives of women,
trainform and take it to whole new levels.
It can enrich and tranform the lives of women in a very wonderful way and bring them to completely new levels.

The uterus is the magical place within us, a powerhouse and place of creation on many levels, not just during pregnancy. From an anatomical point of view is the cervix the connection of your vagina to the uterus (Uterus) and it is very sensitive. You may have felt this before when while having sex you were bumped against or during a gynecological examination. When you are menstruating, you can feel your cervix
sinks a little deeper into your pussy and on the fertile days it is higher up in your vagina.

The uterus can move slightly in the pelvis and therefore also moves
the cervix. If you pay attention to the fact that your body needs time to relax in order to be aroused and receptive, then “the
cervix gets out of the way". Uterus and cervix pull up a little and
this clears the way. If that time is not given, it can
happen that the cervix is hit and that can certainly be painful. If this happens more often, it can become hypersensitive or go deaf. Both of these are signals from your body that something is
not right for you.

There are some myths surrounding the cervix.

One is that is that it doesn`t affect our sexuality. Another,
that there is no innervation to it. This comes from research in
the 1960s, as attempts within the otherwise groundbreaking
Kinsey Report pointed out that there is no nerve connection. But this was due to the very one-sided and limited experiments.
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We now know that the cervix can even be divided into two pairs of
nerve cords, which are innervated by the hypogastric nerve and the pelvic nerve, as well as by the vagus nerve. The connection with the vagus nerve leads to the fact that paraplegic women also feel a cervical
stimulation/cervical orgasm because this nerve does not run through
the spine.

The cervix is neurologically and energetically connected to the heart in a special way. A breast massage
 brings the womb and with it also the
cervix and the uterus to vibrate. Because the cervix in our body is a portal between the visible and the invisible world (by the way, this is how the ancient cultures have seen it for a long time), we can come into contact with many feelings and memories.
It is a memory for your sexual experience and therefore also negative stored memories of illnesses, births or sexual assaults can be felt.
Therefore, it is important to proceed with a lot of presence and a sense of being close to you. If you feel that you are very burdened and insecure here, that your body has accumulated a lot of tension, which can show itself in hypersensitivity or even numbness, then a cervix de-armouring may be right for you.
If you would like to experience cervical touch, it's best to start first completely for yourself. That way you know what feels coherent and good. To do this squat down or position yourself lying down so that your upper body is shorten and that you contract a little. Support yourself with pillows so that you lie as relaxed as possible. Presence and the feeling of security are very important, as well as slowness and a
good connection with yourself.
It feels a little bit like touching the tip of your nose or even the touch of your glans.
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Stimulation of the cervix allows orgasms to be experienced throughout the body.

They are different from the peak orgasms you may otherwise know. They tend to spread out in waves and flow through the body.
They emerge from a more unintentional space, take you more from one plateau to the next and can let you and your partner experience completely new dimensions of lust.
This can give a quite wonderful and intense feeling, you can get very close to yourself and feel very connected to yourself and your partner. Create an undisturbed atmosphere without any (time) pressure.
Touch them carefully and lovingly, feel which touch is good for you and
let your breath flow. If you are going on this pleasure journey with a partner see how you can show him/her what you need to feel comfortable. It is best to be in a gentle, intimate exchange. Does this not appeal to you?
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Pay attention to your personal integrity and see how you can communicate your experience well. Just put aside the desire to reach a goal. Listen to your body. Allow your feelings to be. Speak your truth in trust and appreciation. Touching and stimulating your cervix can be a true adventure and a transformative and spiritual experience.

This article was created in cooperation with Anandi Iris Mittnacht. She supports women to be the experts of their own body, their sensuality and their dignified sexuality. There is more information about her offer on your website.
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