Vibro Ei - Ein kleines Sextoy mit großer Wirkung

Vibro Egg: The Ultimate Guide to Use

Vibro eggs are in vogue: small, oval and inconspicuous, the remote-controlled vibrating eggs have a lot going for them. If the thought of being stimulated at any place and at any time or giving yourself pleasure appeals to you - then the OH MY! FANTASY Vibro Eggs could be the right choice for you. 

Besides the fact that they are a discreet sex toy, a Vibro Egg can be used solo or in pairs, at home or on the go - because the Vibro Egg comes with handy remote control or with app via Bluetooth connection! By the way, the sex toy also trains your pelvic floor muscles.

The Vibro Egg is a really exciting sex toy that can be used in many ways. Curious? We clarify all the important questions and give 6 sexy tips for using the vibrating eggs.

What is a Vibro Egg?


Most often, the vibro egg comes with a separate remote control or even with an app including Bluetooth connection, with which you can adjust the intensity of the vibrations. The real magic of vibro-eggs lies in the powerful tender vibrations. Once you've inserted the remote-controlled Vibro Egg into your vagina, you're ready to go. Just get the remote control and dive into a new world of pleasure with the vibrations. 

You can also surprise yourself by giving the remote control to someone. That way you never know what's going to happen next. So with Vibro-Egg there will never be boring family parties again, or boredom in general ;)

What is the difference between love ball and vibro egg?

Both Vibro Eggs and Love Balls are designed to be inserted into your vagina. While love balls are more for exercising and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, vibro eggs are designed for pleasure. You'll also notice that Vibro Eggs usually consist of a single egg with a separate remote control, while love balls are often two weighted balls that are connected together.


How to insert the Vibro Egg correctly

As with any sex toy, you should first be in the right mood before you get started with the Vibro Egg. A few warm-up exercises are therefore advantageous here. Use the Vibro-Egg outside the vagina first. Even more, use your mind to get you in the mood.

When you're sure you can insert the toy without any problems, do it very gently. If you're not wet enough, you can always help it along with lube. As with everything, you should feel comfortable. If anything hurts or feels uncomfortable, simply postpone inserting the Vibro Eggs. The feeling of having the Vibro Egg inside you can be a little unfamiliar at first, so feel free to take the time your body needs to get used to the feeling of the Vibro Egg.

Vibro-Ei in Hand - tipps zur Benutzung


How to use the Vibro Egg

The Vibro Egg offers an incredible amount of possibilities when it comes to use. We present you here 6 possible applications:

1. Self is the woman

Vibro eggs are ideal for a sexy time alone. A big advantage is that you don't have to hold anything and nothing can slip. Even if someone comes into the room unannounced, you can turn off the toy at any time with the remote control without having to make anything disappear first. Kudos to the discretion of these little things.

2. Give up control

Giving up control can be incredibly hot. And not knowing what your partner is doing to you, when he/she turns the vibro-egg on or maybe turns it off again (keyword: edging), makes your heart beat faster. But also during foreplay, the vibro egg can do a super service. For example, you won't go empty-handed during a blow job.

3. Your faithful companion on the road

Whether it's a movie theater, a restaurant or even a museum - take this little vibro egg with you everywhere. If you're brave, feel free to combine this tip with the second one. After a whole evening of pent-up lust, this could give you the best sex in the world once the door has fallen shut.

4. Sharing is Caring

Maybe until now you thought that the Vibro Egg is only for women, but the vibrations of the vibrating egg also feel great on your partner's penis and testicles. You can really get your partner going with this sex toy during a handjob, for example. We're sure he won't say no to it in any case.

5. Erogenous warm-up exercises

Erogenous zones are known to exist all over the body. So let your Vibro Egg help you find them. Use the Vibro Egg on any part of your body where it feels good, whether it's your nipples, clitoris, and more. The vibrations will get you in the mood for some unforgettable foreplay.

6. Oral sex Plus

The last use on our list we want to introduce to you now. Just think how much more intense it would feel if your partner orally pampers you and you bring a vibro egg into play. This will not only stimulate your clitoris, but also your inner erogenous zones thanks to the toy.

Vibro eggs are truly one of the most versatile sex toys: they combine the stimulating vibrations with the discretion of using them on the go. We've given you a few tips and tricks here that you can try out to use vibro eggs. Just have fun and experiment with them both inside and outside the bedroom.

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