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Erotic role play


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Erotic role-playing games are a great way to discover new facets in your partner and to show new sides yourself. Many couples have already discovered new, secret wishes through role-playing that they have not yet dared to address.

There are couples who have a natural talent for role-playing games and just go ahead and play without shame. The vast majority, however, usually feel insecure:

  • What does my partner expect from me?
  • Am I making a fool of myself?
  • Am I doing this right now?
  • How should I react if?
  • ...

Our new date guide for erotic role-playing games gives you an introduction to playing with other roles. Exercises await you on how to prepare yourself in advance for a date night with a role-play scenario and tips for the mindset. Guaranteed to make you want more ...

Digital product: You will receive the date guide for erotic role play by email.