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Tantra: Yoni and Lingam Massage


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We love it surprisingly

For those who like to experiment:A special attraction of all of our date boxes is to try something new. Many couples love the surprise effect when opening the box for the first time. Let your imagination run wild in advance!

Spoiler alert! Do you want to know exactly?All information about the box can be found below in the text. With each Date Box you save at least 20% compared to buying it individually.

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Choose theDate Box Variantethat suits you - as individual as your relationship. The KLASSIK, GOLD and PLATIN variants have hot adventures in store, from the entry-level package to the full-service program - what do you want?

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If you've always wanted to experience a Tantra adventure together: Here it is!

The yoni and lingam massage is often viewed as a form of erotic massage, but tantra is primarily NOT about sexual satisfaction but rather, it is about sensing the presence, increasing the feeling and strengthening the intimacy between you as a couple.

Yoni is a Sanskrit term and describes the female genitals. In neotantra it is said that female sexual energy is the deepest source for a woman's vitality and joy in life.

Lingamis a Sanskrit term and describes the male genitals. The lingam, i.e. penis, is revered as the creative and at the same time destructive power of the god Shiva. Shiva, in turn, is one of the main gods in Hinduism and stands for creation and a new beginning, but also for preservation and destruction.

In this tantric date night scenario you can expect everything you need to know about the necessary preparations before the evening and for the evening itself, as well as precise instructions with the process and the various massage techniques.You will also receive an audio file, guided by sex coach Marianne Kreissig. With this audio file, the giver can be guided live through the massage while the recipient can indulge in an exclusively compiled playlist to the music.

This date guide is enclosed in the date box in print form and is also immediately available in digital form as a PDF by e-mail. Spoiler Alert: All information about the box variants can be found in the next sections - or let us surprise you! 


With theDate Box CLASSICyou can enjoy the selected erotic accessories suitable for the tantra massage - of course delivered discreetly:

BIOGlide lubricating & massage oil(JoyDivison): The 100% biological combination of lubricating and massage oil pampers the skin with an extra portion of moisturizing care. Free from synthetic preservatives, such as parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Quality Made in Germany (RRP: € 17.95)

Mister Size trial set(53-57-60): Perfect for figuring out the exact fit in the mid-range. Pure feeling thanks to a wall thickness of only 0.05 mm, transparent & smooth - with a fine lubricating gel film (RRP: € 3.95)

Mister Sizer: With it you can find your personal condom size in seconds - for carefree and safe sex.

Date Box GOLD

In addition, there is the beautiful, handcrafted version of the Date Box GOLDGlass dildo from Iciclesalso! This straight glass dildo is a work of art, the distinctive stimulating nubs with glitter effect are perfect for a sensual yoni massage! Hand-blown quality glass. Odorless, hypoallergenic and very hygienic as it is easy to clean, even in the dishwasher. Transparent.

Details: 17.5 cm long, 14.5 cm insertion length, Ø 3.5 cm

UVP: 55,95€