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Use it right

Please only use water-based lubricant, as lubricants containing silicone would damage the high-quality silicone material.

Tip for cleaning

Simply clean this toy with water and mild soap. If you want a disinfectant cleaning, simply use a Toycleaner - we also have it!

We love it discreet

Secure payment, discreet packaging with a neutral sender, with you in approx. 3-5 working days.
Highlights at a glance:
  • More than dual action:Rabbit, G-spot, lay-on and anal vibrator in one
  • With removable stimulation band for external stimulation
  • 6 speeds, 6 vibration patterns
  • Practical handbag format
  • Suitable for her and for him
How is the toy used?

External stimulation (with silicone tape):

The removable silicone band transmits the vibrations to the entire vulva. Wrap one end of the tape around the tip of the vibrator and the other end around your lower, little arm. You can also turn the tape once so that it crosses in the middle. Turn on the vibration and put the vibrator on so that the shorter arm rests on your clitoris and the long end stimulates the labia. The tape spoils the whole area in between. An all-round program that promises completely new and extraordinary stimulations!

Stimulation inside (it is essential to remove the tape beforehand):

Before you insert the Amorino vaginally, be sure to remove the silicone band. Thanks to the velvety silicone, the Amorino glides gently into you. Otherwise, you can also help with some water-based lubricant. If you insert the vibrator so that the little arm points towards the clitoris, Amorino scores twice: while this arm pampers your clitoris, the specially curved tip takes care of your G-spot on the inside. Pleasure ahoy!

Anal stimulation (remove the tape beforehand):

Thanks to its slim and compact shape, Amorino is also ideally suited for anal adventures - regardless of gender! Again, make sure to remove the ribbon beforehand and use sufficient lubricant. The special curvature provides intense sensations, especially for penis owners, as it massages the prostate with relish, while the short arm pampers the perineum with gentle pressure. If you want to use Amorino vaginally again after anal use, make sure to clean it thoroughly beforehand and ideally also disinfect it with a toy cleaner.

Is there anything else to consider?

The vibrator should only be used with water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants damage the material. Quiet engine because privacy matters!

How is the toy cleaned?

Rinse the toy carefully with a little soap and water after use. A toy cleaner can also be used for disinfection.


  • Material: medical silicone (barrel, strap), ABS (control element)
  • Length: 17.6 cm, Ø approx. 2.7 cm
  • Runtime: approx. 2-4 hours, standby: up to 6 months
  • Waterproof
  • Including USB charging cable (can only be connected to a computer via USB)