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Every date night a romantic surprise with a new fantasy
As much as you want!

In the PUR variant, you will discover exciting fantasies in the form of stationery cards with precise instructions, tips & tricks for your date night, which come to you as a love letter (huh - like in the past).

In the KLASSIK variant, you not only receive the fantasy cards as stationery but also the matching selected erotic accessories and love toys to experience the fantasy even more intensely - all "ingredients" for your date night are delivered in our discreet love box.

As often as you can!

You decide in which period of time you discover a new fantasy: Every month a new fantasy is too tight for you? No problem - then a new fantasy comes to you every 2 or 3 months! You can pause or cancel the subscription at any time.

As little as you have to!

With a subscription you benefit from a 20% discount (including free shipping) compared to buying a fantasy once. If you have already tried the first fantasy, you can go straight to the second fantasy after you have signed up for the subscription.

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