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our mission

It is a matter close to our hearts, with OH MY! FANTASY to create a confidential space for new sexual experiences as a couple. We are convinced that if you clearly articulate what you want in bed, it will also work in other areas of life! We support sexual self-determination and self-confident, equal partnerships. 
In our fantasies you will find a variety of high quality products to enjoy new sexual experiences with your partner. Our motto when selecting the products is sex-positive, environmentally friendly and vegan! We think in the categories of sensual, intense and playful. If you want to try even more, you can browse our boutique - for many new sexual experiences! 
We love sex positive
For us, sex-positive is an attitude towards human sexuality that supports all consensual sexual activity and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation. We celebrate everyone who makes their own choices about their sexuality or sexual practices - an important step towards sexual freedom!
Many have secret fantasies that go unaddressed for fear of judgment, lack of time, or lack of product knowledge. We advocate open and honest discussions about feelings, desires and fantasies, our relationships and the wide range of sexual practices we can explore. 
We hope that with the confidential and informative atmosphere at OH MY! FANTASY to open up the discussion and strengthen the acceptance of the most diverse experiences in relation to sex and sexuality. 
We love eco-friendly
Sex toys are often made from toxic and porous materials that can be potentially harmful. We say goodbye to plasticizers, hello to the environment!
We want to make a contribution to protecting the environment in the long term. That's why we only select partners who share our passion for high-quality products made from body-friendly and environmentally friendly materials. Many of our products are produced directly in Germany. 
While there's still a long way to go to make the sex industry greener, we work every day to make it a little bit greener.
We love vegans
In line with our high standards of product selection, to the best of our knowledge, all products at OH MY! FANTASY vegan. You will find alternatives to items that are traditionally made from animal products. The most obvious is the leather, but it also affects some condoms or lubricants.
This is our contribution to offer a wide product portfolio for everyone (whether vegan or not!), who are looking for ethically produced, high quality products.