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The most fun and relaxing way to have new experiences in bed and the OH MY! To fully experience the FANTASY Experience: Every month a new sex experience in our date box is discreetly delivered to your home.
Our date boxes come in 3 categories:Sensual, playful and kinky- we recommend trying them all!
Each box contains a date guide with tried and tested tips and tricks from sex coaches for the date night as well as high-quality products, put together to match the topic of the box.
After the intro box, which is sent immediately upon registration, let us surprise you. If you have a special request, you can of course let us know and we will make it possible;)
Take stress, planning, judgment and pressure out of the equation with the subscription - very easily with our discreet box, which comes to your home every month. Because quality time with the love of your life shouldn't feel like work.
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  • Every month a new experience.
  • Every month a surprise.
  • Every monthyou learn something new about your partner.
  • Every monthyour partner learns something about you.

    Details on this irresistible subscription:
    Date guides included in each box,3-4 products / box,possibly contain samples (e.g. lubricating gel, oil, etc.), dAverage value of goods: 45 €, including box shipping, subscription can be canceled at any time


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    Tantra Massage

     Anal Play Intro

    Yoni Anal Play Intro
    If you've always wanted to experience a Tantra adventure together: Here it is! In this date box you will find everything you need to know about the necessary preparations, as well as various massage techniques. There are quite a few myths surrounding the subject of anal sex. But no worry. You will approach each other very slowly. In thisDate Box therefore expect everything you need to knowPreparations fyou need to know for your first anal adventure.