Frau mit Augenmaske

I'll teach you how to relax

The door to the apartment opened. Cedric saw out of the corner of his eye how Elena dropped her bag in the entrance area and half-heartedly hung her coat on the hook. "I thought you weren't coming today." Elena jumped and looked at him. She had obviously forgotten that she had asked him to wait for her in her apartment. Sighing, she ran her hands through her hair and shook her head before running over to him and dropping onto the couch next to him. "Sorry, I completely forgot you were supposed to wait for me." She closed her eyes briefly before looking ahead through the floor-to-ceiling windows and thus at the city skyline.

Cedric eyed her for a moment, then got up to get her a glass of water. "You could have talked to me at work." She laughed bitterly but accepted the glass. "Of course, and tomorrow the rumor mill will be buzzing about what the boss has to discuss with her new bodyguard alone in the company in the evening." This time Cedric laughed softly. "And it's different in your private quarters, boss?" He said the last word deliberately provocatively. "Anyone doesn't look at us all the time and question everything I say, Mister Aid," she replied with her typical business smile - friendly but politely distant. It was something he didn't particularly like. He's been working for Elena for a few weeks now. She was an extremely hard working person as she always felt she had to assert herself, but she completely forgot to think of herself at times. Cedric had always had a good eye for other people, so he couldn't help noticing her tense posture, stiff shoulders and the way she turned her head in hopes of loosening her neck somehow.

Elena registered Cedric's scrutiny. She tried to concentrate on her water, though. Perhaps it would be better if they dealt with the matters she had to discuss with him as quickly as possible and then sent him home. There had been many a funny encounter between them in the last few weeks and the last thing she wanted to risk was taking her private life to work, even if it hardly existed anymore. She quickly downed her water and then stood up. "Okay, I'll quickly get the documents and then we can start.", she murmured more to herself. She walked over to her bag and pulled out some papers before turning and backing away a little as Cedric was right in front of her - definitely too close for her liking. She looked up at him and once again couldn't take her eyes off him. It was her personal annoyance that there were always such situations between them in which her voice simply failed and her head could no longer think clearly.

Cedric pulled the papers out of her hand and put them on the small table in the entrance area. "I have a better idea. Why don't you relax for once." Elena blinked a few times, trying to find her voice again. "What?", she finally asked unintelligently. Cedric snorted in amusement and dragged her behind him by her wrist. "You should relax." "Hello, joke." Cedric saw Elena roll her eyes, but was satisfied that she followed him without pulling her hand away. He led her back into the living room and finally let her go. "And now?", she asked skeptically. Cedric walked over to her system and used his cell phone to fill the room with smooth, sensual sounds. When Cedric looked up again, he could see the question marks on Elena's face. "Just say you want to dance." "Why not?" he asked back and pulled his tie from around his neck. "I can't dance." "It's not a problem. This is supposed to be more of a relaxation or trust exercise." She raised an eyebrow again and looked up at him as he stepped towards her. "And I should trust you?", she asked while holding his gaze. "It would be an advantage, Miss Reed. Or are you afraid to give up some of your precious control?" He saw something flash in Elena's eyes before she shook her head. "No I haven't." She was too proud to admit it, which was Cedric's advantage. "Very well, then please close your eyes.", he smiled. Clearly reluctant, she did what he asked her to do. Cedric took his tie, which he still had in his hand, and carefully blindfolded her eyes with it. "We didn't say anything about that." she remarked. He heard the slight uncertainty in her voice and put a hand on her cheek. "I don't want you to cheat." She just snorted but allowed Cedric to take her hand and pull her towards him. "By the way, I'm not covering medical expenses for any injuries to your feet." Cedric put a hand on her hip and used his free hand to rest her arm on his shoulder. He didn't miss the slight goosebumps on Elena's arm, but it was probably better not to comment.

"That's the true romantic in you, Elena." Cedric sighed mock sadly before turning her and pulling her close to him again. "Mister Aid, may I remind you of our employment relationship." There was that weird smile again that he couldn't stand. Cedric continued to lead her, this time turning her so that his back was against his chest while his arms wrapped around her body. "How could I forget that, boss.", he whispered against her ear. Elena could feel his warm breath on her neck and swallowed hard. She turned her head in his direction automatically. She knew how close they had to be before she could say anything, however, Cedric led her back to the beat of the music, even though they were much closer together than before. The current song was a bit quieter than the one before. Elena felt Cedric's hand travel down her side to her back and squeeze her tighter above her bottom.

Her heart beat faster automatically. Maybe it had been a stupid idea to embark on it. She had been trying not to get too close to Cedric the whole time because he always throws her off. Quite apart from the fact that her best friend Mia was always bugging her about Cedric being a bad guy. But he hadn't even treated her badly and was always respectful when it counted. "What are you thinking about?", he asked, his lips so close to her ear again that her knees went weak. "I...I wonder if this was a bad idea." We're just dancing." "Are we?" Cedric looked down at her and took her chin between his thumb and forefinger. "What else are we going to do?" She held her breath for a moment as she felt his breath against her lips.

Elena's mind raced. Why shouldn't she just give in to this feeling that drew her to him? Because otherwise Mia was angry? She wasn't really accountable to anyone, and she was also an adult. If it was a mistake, it was her own, but if it worked and she was just trying to avoid risk, she might end up unhappy. So what did she want? She just wanted one thing.

She stretched a little and closed the last gap that still existed between them. Cedric hesitated for a moment before kissing back. He carefully pulled her closer to him. It wasn't a hungry kiss, but rather a slow sensual one that they both enjoyed equally. Elena was surprised at how soft Cedric's lips were.

They stood there for a little eternity, enjoying each other's closeness and the feeling of simply being able to give in to their emotions. Cedric finally broke the kiss before noticing how Elena's hands wandered over his chest and began to unbutton his shirt. He planted a few gentle kisses on her neck before laying his forehead on hers. "Are you sure you want that? I don't want to hear any complaints or get fired tomorrow." he joked, although his question was meant seriously. Elena pulled his tie from her eyes and looked into his. "Not another word about work.", she asked. "Let me… just not have to take responsibility for anything, at least for now." Cedric eyed her for a moment before nodding and kissing her gently again, his hand trailing down her back.

In one fluid motion, he simply picked her up and brought her to the couch, on which he laid her gently before removing his unbuttoned shirt and simply tossing it aside. His hands grabbed the hem of her sweater and slowly pulled it up, trailing hot kisses on her exposed skin. Seeing how Elena closed her eyes with pleasure and leaned her head back relaxed was confirmation enough for him. "You should sit up for a moment.", he murmured against her lips before planting a soft kiss on hers. Elena looked up at him briefly and followed his request. He pulled her sweater over her head and let it follow his shirt while Elena took off her bra and carelessly dropped it as well. Cedric couldn't help but look at her and let his hands touch her soft skin. Elena did the same, tracing the lines of his muscles with her fingers. His skin felt so warm under her hands.

"You look so beautiful.", whispered Cedric to her. It had been so incredibly long since she had heard such a sincere compliment. Thanks to her work, she hadn't had time for a relationship or togetherness in ages. She was somehow grateful to Cedric that at least in this moment he took away all thoughts of stress, work and deadlines and made sure that she only focused on him. "Thanks.", she replied softly. Cedric noticed that her thanks had a deeper meaning, but he didn't want to discuss it at the moment. Instead, he gently pushed her back and began exploring her body again with his lips while his hands pulled off her pants and the rest of her underwear.

Elena shuddered as his hand stroked the inside of her thigh. She became even warmer and she felt a slight tugging in her abdomen. "Cedric." she breathed breathlessly. "Don't get impatient Elena." he just murmured against her skin before beginning to rub her chest. A soft moan left her lips. It was pure music to his ears and he would do anything to elicit more such sounds from her.

He kept his hand on her chest before bending her leg and gently biting the inside of her thigh. His lips brushed against her warm skin and moved painfully slowly to her middle.  He penetrated her with his tongue. He could hear her panting and felt her reach for his hand on her torso and hold it tight. His touches were still incredibly slow but all the more intense. It almost drove her insane, especially because it was completely different than anything she had experienced before. Her legs automatically wrapped around his torso as if to prevent him from stopping, even though she really wanted a lot more. She wanted everything from him but couldn't find the words to tell him. Still, through the haze in her head, she tried to at least say his name, even if it sounded more like a groan again.

Cedric looked at her from between her legs in what was definitely one of the most erotic looks she had ever seen. His eyes were dark and she threatened to lose herself in them if she wasn't careful. "What's up?", freight is. His voice sounded even darker and more seductive than usual. She really had trouble concentrating when he looked at her like that. "Cedric, I want..." she trailed off as she felt his thumb draw circles over her clit. "What do you want?" he asked. She moaned again. "Tell me Elena." he whispered. "T... you... I want you." "I can't say no to that."

Before she could react, Cedric got up and stripped off the rest of his clothes. Her eyes rested on him the whole time and her breathing was restless. He fished a condom out of his pocket, which he tore open with his teeth and rolled over before kneeling between her legs again. He carefully bent over her and looked down at her. "Are you sure you want that?" She nodded. "Certainly." Cedric planted a quick kiss on her lips before slowly penetrating her. Elena tilted her head back and moaned again while even Cedric let out a short gasp. He clasped their hands together and gave her a moment before beginning to move cautiously inside me.

Seeing her give herself to him was almost better than anything else. He buried his face in her neck and softly moaned her name as he felt her tense around him. Elena moved her hips gently against his, unconsciously in rhythm with the music that was still playing in the background. It had been a long time since she had been this close to anyone – in such a sensual and intimate way, and she was incredibly grateful to him for that.

Cedric noticed how Elenas tensed more and more and her breathing got faster. She moaned his name again and clutched his hands tighter. "Come for me Elena." he whispered against her ear before thrusting into her a little faster. She felt so good and he knew he wasn't far from his own orgasm either.

Elena closed her eyes and turned her head to the side, a few confused words leaving her mouth as he felt her come around him. Cedric gasped as he felt the contractions of her orgasm. He could hardly contain himself any longer and shortly afterwards he had his own orgasm. Breathing heavily, he leaned his forehead against hers and closed his eyes for a moment. He carefully separated their hands and kissed Elena on the cheek. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. "Do you want to drink something?" She nodded silently. She was probably pretty tired. She would have to fall dead in her bed at night from all that work alone. "I'll be right back." Cedric slowly withdrew from her and briefly disappeared into the bathroom with the glass from the table.

After a few minutes he came back and turned off the water on the table before eyeing Elena. She was breathing calmly and had closed her eyes. She was probably already asleep. It wouldn't surprise him. He stood there for a moment, helpless. Leaving seemed wrong, but he didn't know if she'd be that excited tomorrow if he was still there, either.

After putting on his underwear and turning off the music, he decided that maybe he should leave. He had just tucked Elena in and was about to put on his pants when he was spoken to. "What are you doing?" He raised an eyebrow and looked over at Elena. Her eyes were closed, but he definitely heard her. "I wanted..." "Come here.", she interrupted him and lifted the blanket a bit. "Come on, I want to sleep.", she murmured. Cedric snorted in amusement but climbed under the covers next to her. "You sure that's a good idea?" he asked after pulling her to his chest. "Cedric, I don't really care right now." She yawned and finally snuggled closer to him. Well hopefully she didn't care afterwards either, he thought amusedly, but also closed his eyes to sleep.

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