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Making love with Christopher Gottwald: Summer retreat August 16-22, 21 in Hungary


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Do you have fantasies that you haven't told anyone before? How openly do you show your lust and excitement? Do you wish to experience something new in your erotic? It is time to openly look at our sexuality with awareness and honesty and to show ourselves authentically with our longings, desires and fears.

I invite you on a research trip to your heart, to your lust and to loving connection with others.

We will research together and create a protected space in which we can open up and show ourselves in our vulnerability. A space in which sexuality is a natural part of being human and at the same time the needs of the individual are taken into account. You decide where your limit is and how far you dare to approach it or even cross it.


Sexological Bodywork a new kind of profession from California that supports people in developing their arousal, lust and passion. In this workshop we combine methods from Sexological Bodywork, Contact Improvisation / free dance, a sea of love ritual space and transparent encounters in which we immerse ourselves in a deep connection through openness and honesty.

We will play with breathing, movement and nudity, create connectedness and trust through dialogue and sharing, try out qualities of touch, discover self-love in the orgasmic yoga ritual, explore genital massage and meditation (conscious perception of recurring touches) and develop erotic scenarios for them Experiences that every individual would like to have.

Maybe you tread new paths in your lust, maybe you discover how similar we are in our topics and in any case you get inspiration for a more fulfilling love life. Let's make love!

Who is the retreat for?

We welcome people of all gender identities, body shapes and sexual orientations between the ages of 18 and 180, and we assume that you agree to research with people of all genders.

Let's celebrate diversity!

This retreat is for you if you ...

- you want to have real encounters - you want to discover new things in yourself and others - you like to accept and show yourself with your feelings - you want to socialize This retreat is not for you if you ... - are looking for quick sex - don't get involved in new things do not want to - do not want to touch people of the same sex under any circumstances - do not want to touch people of the opposite sex under any circumstances - do not want to deal with yourself and your shadows - have not yet dealt with your sexuality - know or suspect that you are serious sexual Trauma - you have never been to a self-awareness workshop

Here again at a glance:

Oaze-Hungary: August 16-22, 2021 Location: Seminar Center OAZE, 8562 Nagytevel / Jokai 5a - HUNGARY Time: August 16. until 22.08.2021 Price: 480 € Overnight stay and meals: 350 € (to be paid on site in cash) Single room surcharge: 60 € Note: The duration specified when booking is not correct, the period of the retreat is from 16-22.08. You will receive more detailed information on the process after booking. If you have any questions in advance, please contact