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Free Guide: Yoni Egg Introduction


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Discover the power of your pelvic floor and get to know the beneficial work with the yoni egg! The ultimate, free guide to your first experiences with the yoni egg.

The Yoni Egg or Yoni Egg is a small stone egg that you can insert to do exercises. Yoni is a Sanskrit word and denotes the female genitalia. So working with the yoni egg is a kind of inner yoga!

In addition to practical tips for preparing for the yoni egg exercise, this date guide includes audio that guides you live through your very own personal yoni egg experience - with exercises that you can increase in duration over time and thus continue to train your pelvic floor .

You will receive the Date Guide digitally as an e-book in PDF format - available immediately: you can get started right away to train your pelvic floor and increase your sensitivity. Get the right one for the guideYoni Eiand get started right away!