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Ginger Spray

Naturally Naughty

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Spray unbridled lust with the natural, food-grade aphrodisiac ginger spray and turn every part of your body into an erogenous zone.

  • For kissing, for oral, vaginal and anal sex
  • Promotes the flow of saliva in the mouth
  • Suitable for use with sex toys
  • Developed with pharmacists and BDSM experts
  • Produced in Germany
  • High-quality glass bottle with a practical one-hand pump mechanism
  • Neutral shipping with Deutsche Post

Clean label for dirty sex.

Sex can be dirty. The aphrodisiacs we use shouldn't be. Our clean label is therefore not a marketing gimmick, but a bare fact of which we are more than proud. With us, only natural substances come into contact with your erogenous zones. So that you know exactly what it is, our product developers are now letting their pants down for you:

  1. water
    We only leave the finest natural plant extracts and purified water on your skin according to DIN standard ISO 9001:2015. Something a little different: have you ever heard of postcoital dehydration? This condition triggers headaches and feelings of fatigue if you don't drink enough after sex. Therefore, treat yourself to enough water after the climax.

  2. Arabian Gum (Stabilisator)
    Gum arabic is extracted from the resin of the Verek and Seyal acacia species native to Africa. To do this, the bark is scored in a V-shape. The sap runs out in drops about the size of a walnut, is dried and processed until it is food grade. We use gum arabic to create a special texture that, in combination with the ginger, leads to the desired effect.

  3. ginger extract
    The ginger plant grows up to 1.5 meters tall and forms a yellowish root in the ground, which can be harvested after around 240 days. It grows mainly in the tropics and subtropics. Ginger contains over 100 natural ingredients. The most important ones for increasing pleasure are gingerol and shogaol.

  4. Sweet Blackberry Leaf Extract
    The first historical evidence for the use of blackberry leaves as a medicine can be found with the Greek physician Galenos, who practices in Rome. Soldiers who drank the blackberry tea he prescribed reported having stronger, healthier teeth and feeling more energetic. Ignite the soldier of love in you while the blackberry leaves add a special flavor to our spray.

Application Notes

Simply spray and massage into the parts of the body that you want to stimulate. Start small and build up when you can gauge the intensity. We wish you lots of ecstasy and intense highlights! If it gets too intense, wait and rub in coconut oil to neutralize if necessary. Store cool and dry. Not suitable for use on the face and around the eyes. Limited shelf life after first opening.