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  • Dreierlei: Die Date Box für euren ersten Sex zu Dritt von OH MY! FANTASY
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We love it surprisingly

For those who like to experiment:A special attraction of all of our date boxes is to try something new. Many couples love the surprise effect when opening the box for the first time. Let your imagination run wild in advance!

Spoiler alert! Do you want to know exactly?All information about the box can be found below in the text. With each Date Box you save at least 20% compared to buying it individually.

We love it individually

Choose theDate Box Variantethat suits you - as individual as your relationship. The KLASSIK, GOLD and PLATIN variants have hot adventures in store, from the entry-level package to the full-service program - what do you want?

New:Mix & Match! Rummage inShop and spice up the box according to your preferences.

We love it discreetly

Discreet packaging with a neutral sender
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Have you, or even both of you, been playing with the thought of a threesome?

The thought of having sex with more than one partner at the same time comes up with many couples. Maybe a woman longs to get intimate with another woman while her husband is watching, or maybe she wants to be pampered by two men. Perhaps the man would like to have sex with two women or would like to watch his wife having sex with another man or woman ... All variants are possible here! If you dig deeper into the fantasy of having sex with another person, you can find out a lot about yourself and your own lust.

With our date guide threesome you can get your head cinema going and get step-by-step instructions how you can approach that threesome adventure - whether you actually put it into practice is entirely up to you. A very special extra is an audio with which you can very explicitly imagine how your first encounter with three people could go. Check out the audio snippet. Discover your wishes, secret fantasies and how best to get to know him / her.

In the first step, there is a personal questionnaire with topics that should be addressed before a threesome as a couple: With this communication template you can find out where your wishes and limits lie. Answer the questionnaire and start your journey together on an adventure as a three!

In the second step, it's about exploring imagination and to concretise and touch each other alone and/ or each other. You will receive ideas on how the imagination in your head can get extremely hot alone or in pairs - recommendation for a hot film that will really heat you up for the experience with three people, included.

In addition, this guide contains an intimate audio,spoken by Isa, which very explicitly describes how your first threesome (in this case a woman is the third person) could look like.


In the third step, there are practical tips for the adventure as a concrete preparation.


This guide was created in cooperation with Isa from offenerzweier who posts on her blog about her life in the open relationship. She tells and shares tried and tested tips and tricks in this guide! The most important thing for sex in a threesome is the agreement as a couple in advance. Take all the time in the world with this guide to explore your imagination - if you notice that it feels good for both of you, keep going! In the event that you realize that your fantasy should remain a fantasy, you will have new experiences together and share hot thought games - which will certainly be followed by many new hot twos!

This guide is included in the date box in print form, and is also immediately available to you digitally by email, including an audio file. You also enjoy the selected erotic accessories matching the threesome - delivered discreetly, of course:

  • Double Paarvibrator: A multifunctional all-rounder that gives pleasure to women and men alike. For this, it was equipped with 3 motors and 7 vibration modes, each of which is located in the flexible vibro arms and in the end piece. In its simplest form, the Doppio can be used as a lay-on vibrator for the entire body. It also provides a sensual upgrade for hand or blowjob. An exciting prostate massage is also child's play with the Doppio. The woman also gets her money's worth with the Doppio: With its help, she can stimulate her G-spot and her clitoris at the same time. If it then comes to sex, his penis is pampered by the couple vibrator at the same time. Material: silicone, ABS (RRP: € 79.90)
  • BIOGlide lubricating & massage oil (JoyDivison): The 100% biological combination of lubricating and massage oil pampers the skin with an extra portion of moisturizing care. Free from synthetic preservatives such as parabens and synthetic fragrances. Quality Made in Germany (RRP: € 17.95).
  • Mister Size trial set (53-57-60): Perfect to the exact fit in middle spectrum. Pure feeling thanks to a wall thickness of only 0.05 mm, transparent & smooth - with a fine lubricating gel film (RRP: € 3.95)

  • Mister Sizer: With it you can find your personal condom size in seconds - for carefree and safe sex

  • Oralsafe licking wipes

You just want to get your head cinema going first? Here is theThree guides