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"Cliona" lay-on vibrator


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Use it right

Please only use water-based lubricant, as lubricants containing silicone would damage the high-quality silicone material.

Tip for cleaning

Simply clean this toy with water and mild soap. If you want a disinfectant cleaning, simply use a Toycleaner - we also have it!

We love it discreet

Secure payment, discreet packaging with a neutral sender, with you in approx. 3-5 working days.

Enjoy offline or interactively online.


  • Allowed distance sex: With a compatible partner toy via Bluetooth or WLAN
  • 4 Vibration modes: Specifically pampering the clitoris and other hotspots, controlled by light touches of the touchpad
  • Fully automatic in interactive mode: Adapted to the content or Partner:in
  • Handy, light, whisper-quiet: Perfect when travelling. Can be included in any solo, foreplay and lovemaking
  • Compatible with and other online services: For videos in 2D and VR videos, interactive games and webcams
  • Manual Modi: Individually controllable - according to your preferences
  • Waterproof: For fun in the bath, pool or shower
  • Silky soft surface: For an extremely pleasant skin and body feeling

How do I use the Cliona?
The small, enormously powerful lay-on vibrator Cliona not only spoils the clitoris with its deep vibrations, but also the vulval lips, nipples, neck, inner thighs, penis, etc. You can also use the toy to massage the perineum or testicles during a blowjob. In any case, a little water-based lubricating gel ensures more suppleness and ease of sliding in your games.

You can easily control the vibrations by lightly touching the touchpad. For hot lovemaking at a distance, you can also connect to via Bluetooth or to your sweetheart's compatible toy online via WLAN. You already get the movements of the other person transferred to your Cliona. The emotionally real retrieval of erotic online content also works in this way: simply go online as described and view the videos, webcams, etc. enjoy.

What is special about the Cliona?
The small, powerful Cliona is definitely great fun! It fits perfectly in the handbag and can be very well included in every solo, foreplay and love game. You can even take it into the bath or shower because Cliona is waterproof. With 4 vibration modes, it offers you a variety of pampering options that you can control easily and intuitively using the touchpad. But you can also let yourself be pampered interactively - connect your Cliona from anywhere in the world with your sweetheart's compatible toy or online with e.g. B. interactive videos and webcams.

How do I clean the Cliona?
Simply clean the vibrator with warm water and soap. If you prefer a special cleaning, we recommend cleaning with a special toy cleaner.

What do I have to do with the Cliona note?
Please only use water-based lubricant or special toy gel. Silicone-based lubricating gel can damage the soft surface.


  • 11,5 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm
  • Material: Silikon, ABS