Our sex experts

For every sex experience we partner with experienced sex experts who bring their valuable wealth of experience with tried and tested tips and tricks and the many little secrets that turn the sex experience into a fireworks display with great attention to detail. For date nights without embarrassing moments.

Marianne Kreissig

Marianne is a coach and dating expert in Munich. She is trained forCertified VITA Sex, Love and Relationship CoachGraduated from Layla Martin. This training is the best and most intensive that is currently available worldwide for the field of sex, love and relationship. Marianne is also a Certified Awakening Coach according to Arjuna Ardagh. The focus of this training is the awakening of consciousness and mutual awareness in a partnership.

With their programCircle4Loveshe has developed a unique, personalized coaching program especially for women. For four months, Circle4Love pursues a holistic approach that works on all levels of being: mind, body, emotions, energy and soul - with the aim of creating the right conditions for a sustainable loving relationship.

More information is available on Marianne's websitewww.circle4love.de

Heike Niemeier

Heike is a sex consultant in Berlin. During two successful decades in event management, she got more and more into the hamster wheel - sex just isn't fun. She faced this problem and found her calling to advise people in the context of sex: She completed a sex counseling training and combined this with knowledge and experience from project management and mediation. The aim of your sex counseling in Berlin is to recognize stressful and exhausting processes, to resolve them and to find your way back to an easy sex life.

With their formatSex Talkinvites you to discover different aspects of sexuality in a charming yet serious way. Heike offers individual and couple counseling to help people talk and communicate about sexuality and thus find their way back to a fulfilling sexuality.

More information is available on Heike's websitewww.heike-niemeier.de
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Katharina is a coach for relationships and sexuality in Munich. In 2014, exhausted, she faced a hard truth: She had completely overexerted herself and her body. Instead of giving up, she went on her own research journey and discovered her sexuality as a source of strength for herself. Via a very intimate awareness practice called orgasmic meditation™ she drew strength, learned to give up controland surrender completely.

She completed several coaching courses and is a certified trainer forOrgasmische Meditation(certified Master OM Life Coach). She offers this practice to couples who are ready to let their relationship become closer and more intimate, to revitalize their sexuality and to make it more mindful in the future. In addition, she supports women in her women's circles, workshops and 1-to-1 coaching on the way to fulfilling sexuality.

More information is available on Katharina's website:www.katharinahorvath.coach


Deviance Team

Deviance is an introductory app for people interested in BDSM and fetish that was developed together with the community. The two founders Marina Rößer and Tolga Gigel have made it their business to get the BDSM and fetish area out of the dirty corner and give it a young, attractive face.

In order to do justice to the understanding of BDSM as a lifestyle, the team explains various aspects and terms on the associated website, gives tips on safe dating and how to approach which practices safely and sensibly. As with the app, the team also works closely with the scene and experienced BDSM practitioners when it comes to creating the content.

More information is available at https://www.deviance.app/.



Sascha and Sarah use the rope as an instrument to express themselves and as access to each other. They enjoy the flow and the merging of their energies in a very special way that can only be achieved through Shibari. As experienced trainers, mindful explorers and creative artists, they offer a unique, multi-faceted and tailor-made offer for all those who explore and deepen themselves, their own eroticism, the relationship with the other person or the art of captivating and touching through coaching, bodywork and art want.

They convey their techniques, philosophies and concepts in workshops and private sessions, in which they create safe spaces in which you can discover and, above all, enjoy your sensual self and your desires. Approaches from classic coaching merge with inspiration from dance, bodywork, self-care, sensuality and photography to create unique moments of self-awareness and personal empowerment.

You can find more information at:https://www.vaegabound.com/

 Isabel Petergrün

Isabel is a blogger from the LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersexual, queer) scene or the "queer" area. She and her partner Tom live in an open relationship and are both drawn to both sexes a little daughter and live in two apartments on one floor. They have been writing their experiences and impressions in the blog openerzweier under a pseudonym since 2019. In addition to their own reflection, their texts also serve to educate and exchange ideas about alternative relationship models.

Isabel and Tom have collected various erotic and sexual experiences separately and together over the years, which they share with others in an artful way on their blog.Besides writing blog texts and erotic literature, Isabel's passion is art. She inspires her readers with her simple but also loving drawings.

More information is available atwww.offenerzweier.de 


Caroline Hopp

Caro is a psychologist, yoga & tantra teacher and coach for intimacy, sex & couples. Your deepest wish is that every person regains the freedom to authentically be himself or herself and to experience a life full of joy and in deep connection with their own truth. For them, this particularly includes being able to live out their own sexuality freely and authentically.

Caro supports both women and couples in getting rid of shame in relation to their own sexuality, feeling desires, needs and limits and learning to communicate these honestly.She hosts regular onlineSelf Pleasure Ritualefor women who want to experience themselves as sensual and sexual beings. In her Tantric Dates for Couples she guides couples to real intimacy and closeness as well as sexual ecstasy.

More information is available on Caro's website:www.carolinehopp.com