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Kink education, coaching and bodywork. The Vaegabound team, Sarah and Sascha, see the art of shackles not only as artistic expression but also as a form of intimate communication.

Vaegabound offer Shibari workshops and performances, individual workshops and photo sessions. When tying and shackling, Vaegabound always focuses on emotions, empathy and the strengthening and development of the individual.

Vaegabound products are produced fairly, sustainably and locally. The Shibari ropes are made of natural fibers and are specially made for the use of Japanese, inspired, sensual restraints.


Polar Jade

Because of its healing properties, nephrite jade is also called the "stone of heaven". In ancient China, "jade eggs" were used for Taoist practice.Polar Jade sells yoni eggs made from 100% natural and real nephrite jade, but also from rose quartz and obsidian gemstones.Nephrite jade is so well suited as a yoni egg because it has the necessary hardness and a dense mineral structure.

All jade eggs are supplied by Polar Jade with a certificate of authenticity.


Pipedream Icicles

The beautiful, handcrafted glass dildos from ICICLES have many other positive properties in addition to their elegant appearance. The hand-blown glass rods are odorless, hypoallergenic, pore-free and therefore particularly kind to the skin. Depending on your preference, hold the love toy under warm or cold water and it will be easy and enjoyable to insert. The glass massage stick can last a lifetime if properly cared for.



Now all BDSM lovers can use vegan products in bed too. With the VeganFetish handcuffs, your bondage fantasies and role play can be realized absolutely free of animal products. The connections are easily removable with snap hooks. The stylish leather look turns your bondage game into an exciting bondage adventure and completely vegan.




Fun Factory

We are in 1990 when the two university graduates Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl designed the world's first non-phallic dildo made of flexible, colorful silicone. PADDY PENGUIN was called the first prototype. It was made at the kitchen table - from a handful of modeling clay.

Today, Fun Factory are pioneers when it comes to sex. The smart sex toys are responsibly made with the best materials. Gender, gender and choice of partner do not play a role. Fun Factory Toys are about enabling you to deal with sexuality and lust in a free and playful way. It's about feeling good and laughing together and of course FUN!

Indiscret Jewelry

Bijoux Indiscrets

A pioneer from Spain and represented in over 40 countries worldwide. Marta Aguiar and Elsa Viegas began developing their first accessories for the feminine side of eroticism back in 2006. They focused on demystifying female lust by designing unique and original accessories, erotic cosmetics and intimate toys to help women feel free to explore their bodies, preferences and limits.

Bijoux Indiscrets rejects products of animal origin and replaces them with materials that not only maintain product quality, but also improve their usability. "We manufacture our cosmetics using the properties of the finest natural ingredients. Our products are 100% vegan, parabens and cruelty free during the entire manufacturing process, so that we can take care of your skin and your environment" - Elsa Viegas

Mister Size Logo


With the four basic principles of individual, authentic, high quality and safe, MISTER SIZE creates the perfect conditions so that you can enjoy moments together in all their intensity. MISTER SIZE condoms are available in seven different sizes - with a width of 47 mm to 69 mm. Because when the condom fits perfectly, sex finally feels the way it should be: carefree, natural and intense.



LOVE YOU AS YOU WANT.Valuations, prejudices, fear of contact, taboos! Even in 2020, sex still often has to be justified.The Loovara team is convinced that no matter who, with whom, how or what, there are no taboos as long as it feels good.

Loovara has been stirring up the international market for premium lubricants since 2016 and has continuously expanded its product portfolio since then. AllProducts consist of high quality ingredients, meet the highest quality standards and are completely developed in Germany. Many products are already microplastic-free and based on purely natural ingredients - the Loovara team is continuously working to make the range even more sustainable.



Plant forest instead of planting away. Under this motto, Releaf plants a tree for every condom sold. To this end, the company works with the NGO Eden Reforestation Projects. The declared goal is to work with customers to plant 50 million trees by 2025.

The vegan condoms do not contain casein and are produced in a state-of-the-art, solar-powered factory. Your manufacturer has been delivering condoms of the highest quality under German management for the global market for decades - produced under fair conditions. A subtle cream scent ensures that you can no longer smell the usual latex smell.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Sensual bondage pleasure in a noble design and high quality - this is what the Fifty Shades of Gray brand stands for. Ever since the film of the same name, the products from Fifty Shades Of Gray have been an absolute must-have for all novel and film fans who want to take on the role of Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele. Together with the successful author EL James and the Lovehoney company, the puristic-sensual Pleasure Collection was created, which brings stylish bondage moments into bedrooms worldwide. The product range of Fifty Shades of Gray offers the right accessory for every need - whether for first bondage experiences or looking for new toys for secret fantasies.

Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk - a small brand is conquering the world: In a short time, the Pillow Talk Toy collection has blossomed into an international bestseller! Every single love toy is bursting with beauty, fun and power! The toys are wrapped in delicate silicone from head to toe (so they are vegan!) And pamper the skin with soft, caressing feelings. Characteristic are the pillow-talk-typical diamond pattern and the small Swarovki stones.

pjur logo bw


"Pjur" (pronounced like the English "pure") was born out of the ideal notion that life is based on standards such as purity and quality. The brand uses ingredients of the highest possible purity and therefore uncompromisingly stands for premium quality.All of the company's products are in-house developments and are, without exception and 100 percent, made in Germany.