Spanking: Das musst du wissen

Spanking: What is that exactly? Tips for beginners

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Spanking is a practice from the BDSM area, in which a submissive role "sub" receives blows from a dominant counterpart "dom" in a suitable position for erotic stimulation. The acronym BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.

Spanking offers an inexhaustible range of intensities, techniques and possibilities, which is why it is no longer just popular with fans of the harder types of play. Nevertheless, as with all painful BDSM practices, you should approach spanking slowly and gradually increase the intensity. Learn in our Spanking Date Guide how to approach this experience safely and make it an exhilarating experience.

Beatings and excitement? How is that possible?

Pain and sexual arousal can be closely related, because both are, in rudimentary terms, signals our bodies send to the brain in response to stimulation.

If you use punching techniques at the right rhythm and with the right intensity, the pain caused by the punches can lead to the release of feel-good hormones such as endorphins and adrenaline, which can enormously increase sexual desire. This effect is amplified by the psychological aspect of the power relationship that the corporal punishment game creates between you.

Without consensus and security, there is no game

So it's about playing with power dynamics and loving punches. In spanking, your role-play is based on trust and consensus: The submissive role, "sub," cedes control to the dominant counterpart, "dom," for a set period of time within a mutually agreed framework.


Spanking means applying pressure to the body and therefore involves a few pitfalls. Attached you will find an excerpt from the safety instructions of our Spanking Date Box. You should read them carefully and study which spots can and can't be hit with what intensity before you start the game.

Physical health

Basically, it is important to clarify any health problems or illnesses beforehand. Because people with blood or metabolic diseases such as diabetes can react extremely sensitively to light blows and suffer from longer healing times. There are also other factors that can influence pain sensitivity, the formation of hematomas or other vulnerability of the skin. These include hormone treatments, blood pressure medication, menstruation, iron deficiency and the like. These must also be included and the intensity of the game adjusted if necessary or even postponed to a later date.

Anatomy Crash Course

When we think of spanking, we usually think of spanking to the buttocks and thighs. In fact, due to the dense, springy weave, these are good for punching. Note, however, that the tissue on the inside of the thighs tends to form marks.

There are other fatty parts of the body that are pleasant or stimulating to hit, but you should be careful with them. These include the arms, calves, shoulders and shoulder blades, soles and palms of the hands, and breasts. Sternum, abdomen, ribs, shins and feet may only be maltreated with light blows. Kidneys, loins, hips, neck and spine including the coccyx, Achilles tendon, wrists, knees and back of the knees, armpits and all other places where joints, tendons or many nerves are located are taboo.

You can find more safety instructions in our Spanking Date Box. There you will also find exact scenarios for sub and dom for your spanking session, including tips to get into the right mindset and to be able to fully indulge in this experience.


This sexperience was created in cooperation with Deviance, the first introductory app for BDSM and fetish followers, which was developed together with the community.

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