Orgasmusprobleme: So gelingt der Orgasmus beim Sex

Orgasm problems: How to have an orgasm during sex

wife wants one orgasm experience and feel the nice tingling feeling - but it just doesn\'t work during sex with your partner. The fact that women have less orgasms during heterosexual sex is also described by the orgasm gap. In this article you will find out how you as a woman can close the gap in the orgasm gap and solve your orgasm problems during sex.

Orgasm Gap - Women cum less often

The orgasm gap is based on the gender pay gap and describes the discrepancy in the frequency of orgasms during sex between men and women. One study says that 95 percent of straight men almost always orgasm during sex. However, only 65 percent of straight women typically have an orgasm during shared sex.

The relationship is more balanced among homosexual couples: According to the survey, 89 percent of gay men and 86 percent of lesbian women get their money\'s worth when it comes to sex. Among bisexuals, it is 88 percent of men and 66 percent of women.

Frauen - Orgasmus

This begs the question, "What\'s going on with straight guys?"

What is the difference that more homosexual than straight women orgasm regularly during sex?

One assumption is that homosexual women know the female body very well and can empathize better with what touch feels like. However, everyone has their own way of getting excited. That means it needs sex during sex attention for the opposite, and the curiosity for the other. Also is a good one communication, in order to be able to talk about the individual desires and needs in sexuality, of clear advantage.

The study has unraveled the secret of women who regularly orgasm. These orgasmic women have three things in common that are crucial during sexuality: You will also experience manual stimulation. They kiss their partner intensely during sex. They have Oral sex.

There is not only an orgasm gap, but also an oral sex gap. A Canadian study found that there is more blowing than licking. 63% of men have had oral sex during their most recent sex, as opposed to 44% of women. Many women would need oral stimulation to have an orgasm, but it\'s rarely done.

Get to know your own body again

In order to stand up for one\'s own lust and satisfaction, it often takes knowledge and curiosity about one\'s own female body. Knowing your body and its sensations is fundamental to the path to orgasm.

Lots of people have a special one wayhow they make each other orgasm during solo sex. This is usually already automated and many do not even know exactly what they are doing. If you arouse yourself and keep increasing the arousal, pay attention to what exactly you are doing. How is your tension in your body? how do you move your fingers With what pressure and at what speed do you stimulate yourself? How does your body move in general? If you know exactly how to arouse yourself, you can use this knowledge and integrate it into your partner sexuality.

His own to pamper your body with a bath, caressing yourself and paying attention to what is good for you is a blessing for the soul and the body. Exploring and rediscovering your vulva and vagina again and again is helpful to yourself and get to know your own sexuality better and to discover.

Always take the time to touch your body, vulva and vagina carefully and lovingly. In this way you strengthen your connection to your body, learn a better body feeling and pay more attention to yourself. If you feel good about yourself in your body, this is an important building block on your way to orgasm.

Körper kennen lernen

Why does it work alone but not with the partner?

If you can manage to have an orgasm on your own, congratulations! Orgasms are great! If things don't work out with your partner, this can have various causes.

  • Vaginal stimulation is not enough

Many women need additional stimulation during sexual intercourse to achieve orgasm. The clitoris is for many women the holy grail. The point where the rockets ignite. The violin in the orchestra.

Stimulating yourself during intercourse or enticing your partner to stroke your clitoris the way you like can help you reach orgasm. You can also show your partner how you would like to be touched. To do this, you can take his*her hand and guide it or you can stimulate yourself in front of him*her. You can moan or say where it feels good for you and he*she should continue. Even if it takes some effort, it will be worth it for you. Because your partner will also be happy if he*she knows how you would like it.

If you`re having trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse despite clitoral stimulation, it may be because your body isn\'t used to experiencing an orgasm with something inserted in the vagina. This can result from focusing primarily on the clitoris and leaving your vagina untouched during solo sex. To train the body to continue building arousal during intercourse, you can practice solo sex. You can add a glass dildo and stimulate you in the vagina. This will gradually teach you how to experience an orgasm during intercourse.

  • You can't turn off your head

If thoughts keep running through your head and you find it difficult to engage in sexuality, try to focus on your body and your feelings again and again. The important thing is to create a sex-positive context for sexuality. That means putting away things like a full laundry basket that might distract you. You can also create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself with candlelight or a good scent.

If you know the problem of not being able to switch off in everyday life, you can always take short breaks and concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes. In addition, you can do short meditations or do a body scan. If you learn to let your thoughts become quieter in everyday life, you will also do better in sexuality.

 Entspannung - Orgasmus

  • You don't want to lose control

When we're having an orgasm, we often can't control how we look, the sounds we make, or the grimaces we make. The moment of orgasm is a moment when we are fully in the here and now and immersed in the feeling of orgasm. If you're afraid of how you'll act during orgasm, you can practice this during solo sex. It's best if you exaggerate. Whether you're actually having an orgasm or not, moan, grimace, and move intensely. Fake it until you make it - this way you will gradually lose your inhibitions and dare to show yourself to your partner.

  • How you get an orgasm is not compatible with sex for two

If you have a very specific way of getting excited and having an orgasm and you can't implement this in your partner's sexuality, you often don't have an orgasm. For example, if a woman can only orgasm with her legs pressed together, opening her legs will greatly reduce her arousal. If the woman desires an orgasm during intercourse, she is allowed to expand the way in which she orgasms. For example, she can pack more variations into the solo sex and keep trying to open her legs and keep the excitement. This takes practice, which will pay off.

In any case, you can bring yourself to orgasm in the presence of your partner. Such moments promote intimacy between a couple and may give you new ideas about how to shape your sexuality together.

 Solo Sex - Orgasmusprobleme

Dare to stand up for your desire

Society often creates an image of sexuality as quickly and purposefully heading towards orgasm. Sex is over too quickly for many women to really engage in it. Everyone is different when it comes to how long it takes for someone to really get in the mood for sex. For many women it takes up to 20 minutes to be able to absorb sexuality in the here and now.

If you want longer sex, dare to tell your partner. Sex doesn't have to be over when he has had an orgasm, either. Sexuality offers many forms of play, penis in vagina is one of them, there are countless more. If you want to have a longer foreplay,  oral sex or use a vibrator, tell your partner. Clearly stating and showing what a woman wants sometimes takes a bit of courage and clarity. But only in this way can you live your authentic sexuality during sex. If you dare to stand up for yourself, your desire and your arousal more and more, the more pleasurable your sex life will be.

As a couple, you are allowed to find a way that sexuality in partnership is an orgasmic celebration for both of you. Therefore, tell your partner what you want and how and dare to stand up for your desire and arousal.

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