Lingam Massage: Alles über die erotische Penis-Massage

Lingam massage basics

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What does lingam stand for?

Lingam is a Sanskrit term and describes the male genitalia. The lingam, i.e. penis, is revered as the creative and at the same time destructive power of the god Shiva. Shiva, on the other hand, is one of the main gods in Hinduism and stands for creation and new beginnings but also for preservation and destruction.

What is the lingam massage about?

The lingam massage is often seen as a form of erotic massage, but it is NOT primarily about sexual satisfaction. That's why it is not mandatory to have an erect penis during the massage!

The lingam massage is more about feeling the presence, increasing sensitivity and strengthening the intimacy between you as a couple. In addition, it trains the man not to cum so quickly despite strong stimulation and thus also his ability for full-body and multiple orgasms!

A lingam massage can be very healing, but it can also be uncomfortable at first when tension is relieved. Just like a normal massage. Consciously use your breath. Especially as a recipient of the lingam massage, you can better control your arousal through deep abdominal breathing.

Lingam Massage

For preparation

  1. Bring plenty of time: Make sure you take enough time for the lingam massage. There should be enough time before the massage to settle in and relax. There should also be enough time after the massage to fully integrate the experience. About two hours is recommended.
  2. Avoid heavy eating and sex for a few hours before the massage.
  3. Get skin-friendly massage oil in organic quality.
  4. Heat the room to a nice warm temperature. It is about the recipient being able to completely let go and relax. That's only possible if he's not cold.
  5. Provides a cozy ambience (e.g. with candles, essential oils, pillows and sensual relaxing music). You can also listen to the playlist created exclusively for our lingam massage Date Night.

Intro to the lingam massage

Start with an upper body massage to initiate the lingam massage and then slowly work your way down over his abdomen to his hips and thighs. Ask your partner if you can touch his penis.

Here are some inspirations on how to start the lingam massage:

Put one hand on his heart and one hand on his penis. Stay like this for a few moments. Feel his heartbeat, his breath, the energy in his body. Feel your connection.

Now it can start!

Start massaging his groins and inner thighs first.

Take some more oil and start stroking the bottom of the perineum (between the testicles and the anus) with a flat hand over his testicles and up the penis a few times. Use a firm pressure and at the same time a slow but determined rhythm.




Take his penis in one hand and use the other flat hand to stroke the shaft and testicles down, starting at the tip of his penis.



The most important thing with the lingam massage is trusting your natural flow of movements and of course a variety of techniques. You can find detailed instructions for the lingam massage with graphics and an audio file that guides you live through the lingam massage in the Date Guide lingam massage. The audio is spoken by sex coach Marianne Kreissig and can be conveniently listened to through headphones while the recipient enjoys - a unique experience!

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