Erotische Rollenspiele: Das musst du wissen

Beginner\'s guide for erotic role-playing games

Bored of your typical Sexroutine?

There\'s a laundry list of ways you can add a bit of variety to your love life. One of them is role play. Role-playing is easy, fun, and lets you explore realities that are imaginary or sometimes even taboo. Each and every one of us role plays more often than we think. When we do it sexually, we can expand our comfort zones, discover secret fantasies and linking our mental excitement to our physical.

If roleplaying is new to you, here are some tips and ideas on how to use roleplaying to have ecstatic, intense sex.

Talk about it beforehand

When it comes to your sex life, roleplay might sound a little milder than say Bondage or dominance. However, it is still about addressing your individual limitations. So it\'s important to talk about it beforehand and make sure everyone involved is aware and comfortable with the scenario. Communication is the golden rule when it comes to sex. It\'s not such a good idea to jump out of the closet in a pirate outfit and yell, "Walk on my plank!" and to expect the partner to jump right on board.

So, before diving into your fantasy world together, be open about it, make a plan, and make sure you both act in consensus.

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It\'s okay to laugh

Do you remember when you were little and it was very easy to pretend something was going to happen? You could always dive into your imagination and explore your curiosity with an open, positive mindset. Maybe you beamed yourself into a fantasy world or maybe you made up a scenario with your friends and then played with each other as if it were real. Anyway, it was always fun, remember?

As we get older, our mindset is more and more shaped and standardized by societal socialization, and our imagination falls by the wayside. Roleplaying is a great way to bring this ability we had as children back to life and use it for our needs as adults. It\'s essentially just an idea that\'s grown up! And just because we do it in the bedroom doesn\'t mean we can\'t laugh along the way!

Especially in the beginning, the role-playing game might feel silly. It might be weird and you might not know what to say or how to proceed. That\'s okay! Don\'t judge yourself! The whole point is to be playful with each other as you explore your fantasies. So if you feel a giggle while acting your part, let it out! Laughter naturally leads to well-being and happiness, and that\'s what everyone in the bedroom wants!

Goal Oriented Game

Think about what you want to achieve beforehand in order to get the most out of the role-playing game. Are you trying to add a bit of variety to a long-term relationship? If so, the Force dynamic shifts so that you\'re playing the exact opposite way than you\'re used to. If you\'re usually the dominant person in bed, try playing the innocent college student begging for his teacher\'s favors.

Are you getting to know your new lover\'s fantasies? Then enjoy the back and forth of choosing the scenario and absorbing all the information you learn about each other in the process. Maybe you\'re considering trying more kink in your love life. If so, go one step further and try bondage.

Your reason for role-playing can influence your approach and execution. So pay attention to your goals when you embark on them. After all, no two relationships are the same, so no two roles are either.

Erotic roleplay is a spectrum

Like all aspects of sexuality, roleplay is a spectrum. There is no right way and there are different levels of play. Roleplaying can be as simple and straightforward as using fake names or made-up professions in bed. There is no rule book that says you have to rent a princess outfit for the first time.

That being said, the possibilities are endless! You can use costumes, props, and locations. You can even write out and rehearse entire scenes. You can film them and watch them together at a later time if you want to relive the scene.

If you want to try something more advanced, expand the piece - beyond the bedroom. Begin the role play on another day, maybe as early as the morning when you first wake up. Stay in character and text each other dirty-hot throughout the day. Maybe you go to dinner together (definitely only possible after the lockdown) or for a walk and use your roleplaying characters in public to add an exhibitionistic touch to the game. Then when you go home, you can pull out all the stops and be totally in yours Fantasien lose.

Here you will find even more tips to easily get your refresh relationship.

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