Edging: Diese Methode verspricht Mega-Orgasmen

Edging: This method promises mega orgasms

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With this simple but effective method you will get the orgasm of your life! For all couples who hope for even more from sex and orgasms, edging is just the right thing! Because edging is a sex technique that is guaranteed to make everyone involved happy.
Edging-Technik für mega Orgasmen, Frau nack im Bett

Edging means "go to the extreme". And that pretty much clarifies everything, because edging is a technique that takes a break just before the orgasm and thus delays the orgasm. That sounds uncomfortable at first but it has advantages: the start-stop game increases the intensity of the subsequent orgasm to the maximum - a free travel for an exploding orgasm! Our Date Box Edging gives you tips and tricks for vulva and penis edging, and how you can experience an unforgettable edging game for two.

What is edging about?

In general, edging is about increasing arousal until the point of no return is almost reached. This is the moment when the orgasm can no longer be stopped or subsided. At which point you feel that no further touch is needed and where everything in your body is screaming, "I'm coming!". So the most important thing when edging is to find the point just before. At this very moment the stimulation is stopped as long as the arousal subsides and the whole game starts all over again. The whole process can be repeated a good 2-3 times or even more!

What are the advantages?

Even if edging sounds uncomfortable at first, there are some advantages that should not be neglected. Edges can…

  • increase the lust as well as the sensitivity during sex
  • increase the quality of orgasm (longer, more intense and stronger)
  • help men who come early
  • increase sexual stamina
  • strengthen the connection with the partner
  • open the way for full body orgasms

Edging Frau Räkeln

Anatomy Crash Course

It is important for eding to become familiar with one's own arousal. There are four stages that describe the "sexual response cycle" from initial arousal to orgasm.

  1. Arousal phase

This phase can last from a few minutes to an hour or more. Women get wet, clitoris and vulva lips swell, nipples get hard. Men get an erection.

  1. Plateau phase

The level of arousal in the plateau phase is very individual. The woman's genitals continue to widen and/or swell. She gets even wetter. In men, the pleasure drop (preejaculate) is released. The orgasm builds up slowly.

  1. Orgasm phase with point of no return

In this phase, the desire is greatest. Circulation, heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing are at their peak here. The orgasm lasts a few seconds on average. However, experienced tantrics also report orgasmic episodes lasting several minutes or hours. The muscles in the genital and anal region contract. In men, orgasm and ejaculation usually coincide. Few know that it is also possible for men to separate ejaculation and orgasm - but this requires some practice. Some women are squirting (female ejaculation) on the way to orgasm or right when they come. That differs from woman to woman.

Men and women can experience the orgasm phase differently. Apart from the fact that the climax lasts longer in women, the man usually only has one orgasm, the woman can come once, several times in a row or not at all.

  1. Recovery phase

Here blood pressure and breathing return to normal values, perhaps a feeling of tiredness sets in. The genitals swell. The phase now begins for the man in which he is insensitive to sexual stimuli and cannot yet become hard again. The duration of this phase increases with age.

Breath and a trained pelvic floor also play an important role in edging. When edging, it is important to first find out what turns you on during masturbation - only then can you take your start-stop game to the extreme and finally experience intense orgasms.

Want to take it to the extreme with edging?
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